Here We Go Again

It’s that time of the season when I get this absolutely certain feeling that Scotland are going to do well in the Six Nations. Said feeling has come really late this time. It usually starts on New Year’s Day about 2 am after I’ve had a fair sufficiency.

This year it suddenly kicked in about five minutes ago and it probably won’t last much longer than 4.05 pm this afternoon as events unfold at Twickers.

Whatever. It’s a fine feeling while it’s there. And, when it goes pear-shaped, I can always blame Salmond. I’ll bet the sleekit little scunner will be sitting there in a freebie seat praying for an English win by at least 100 points so that he can cast it up as yet another act of oppression by the Auld Enemy.

C’mon Scotland. 

14 thoughts on “Here We Go Again”

  1. Mr Mac, I regret to say (actually I don’t 🙂 ) that England have provided Wee Eck with some more propaganda. Good luck to Scotland for the rest of the tournament.

    You realise this post will upset that Royalist chappie with mention of the type of football that uses the correctly shaped ball? 🙂

  2. Aye weel FEEG.

    The better team won. England were ruthless and efficient. They also played exciting and open rugby which is a bit unusual for them, in my biased opinion. We also did our best to play fluid rugby which is, admittedly, not our norm at Twickers.

    Apart from screaming abuse at that Irish/Frog tosser, the referee Rolland, who had a pretty good game by his own abysmal standards, I really enjoyed the match. As I enjoyed watching the Wales v Ireland game.

    A great start to the Six Nations and a lot still to play for. My ‘absolutely certain feeling that Scotland are going to do well in the Six Nations’ is clinging on for one more week.

    JW,and upsetting him by blogging about rugby? Sole and calculated purpose of post, to be fair.

  3. I only saw a little of the game, with three-month old granddaughter on my knee. I sang “Flower of Scotland” to her and she seemed fascinated by the moving colours on the screen. But daughter-in-law, of Welsh extraction, had just learned the result of the Ireland-Wales match, so we switched the TV off and mourned in silence. Surely Scotland can beat Italy at Murrayfield.

  4. sheona :

    Surely Scotland can beat Italy at Murrayfield.

    Good evening, Sheona

    Here’s hoping! I will be there belting out both ‘FofS’ and ‘Fratelli d’Italia’, the latter being my fourth favourite National Anthem:-

    1.’ God Save the Queen’.
    2. ‘La Marseillaise’..
    3. ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’.

    ‘FofS’ is, of course, a fine song and very sound on King Edward 1st but I truly dread the day when it might be my National Anthem.

    Back to intra-British sport and about this three month old granddaughter? She clearly qualifies to play for Scotland at something. It is never too early to try to work out what that ‘something’ might be,

    So, just keep belting out ‘Flower of Scotland’ induction-wise but don’t forget to try her out with the odd spin pass, lob, putt, draw, blooter up the field, caber toss, googly, gymnastic ribbons, bicycle or whatever until you find the right sport for her.

  5. Would have been nice to watch, all we have this weekend is that bloody superbowl. Would rather gouge my eyes out than watch it!

  6. Sheona, Mr Mac: Why, oh why do Scottish teams sing that awful dirge when there are so many great Scottish tunes that could be used as a Scottish national anthem? “Scotland the Brave” springs to mind.

    Mind you, I think it is wrong to use the British national anthem for English teams. It would be much better (and more tuneful) if something like “Jerusalem” or “Land of Hope and Glory” was used instead!

  7. JM, I hope you noticed the fabulous contribution of one David Denton. He is of course from Zimbabwe. I saw his mum at Christmas when I was up there, and a fine Scotch lady she is too. Another impressive Zimbabwean loose forward is David Pocock of the Wallabies. Our boys get around.

  8. FEEG, you’re absolutely right. The English teams should not appropriate God save the Queen for themselves. Just another reason for Salmond to complain. Scotland the Brave would be good and much more inspiring. Apparently it was Wales that broke the tradition of using the national anthem for all national teams by singing Land of my Fathers or some such.

    JM, Flower of Scotland is only the latest addition to my repertoire for granddaughter. It includes The Northern Lights of Aberdeen, I belong to Glasgow, Scottish Soldier, Donald whaur’s yer troosers and the Skye Boat Song. I shall bear your advice in mind when the time comes to find her preferred sport, but she has a three year old sister whose career must come first.

    Sipu, it’s Scottish lady, not Scotch.

  9. Sheona: It was “Will Carling’s old farts” that insisted that England use the National Anthem at games.

    BTW The adjective “appertaining to Scotland” can be “Scotch” in English. 🙂

  10. Here we go again, it’s that time of year when the queer-shaped ball comes out the closet again.

    Didn’t watch the Calcutta Cup (How in the blazes do I know that’s what it’s called? Will strive to disremember it. And why isn‘t it called the Kolkata Kup?) opted for the Ghana v Cape Verde Islands entertaining, exciting, fulfilling fare of African football instead.

    To stir the pot up, sole purpose of comment, it’s time to remark on the sexuality of rugby players. This “game” is played by posh upper-crust public (private in Scotland) schoolboys at an all male school. The experimentation of the carnal kind that goes on at these places of education is well-known and has been documented widely. The sport of choice in these establishments, rugby, is a natural progression of what Trevor and Roger and others have been getting up to off the field. The homoerotic pushing and pulling and groping and touching in scrums, pile-ups, and suchlike is paradise for the purveyors of the queer-shaped ball. You don’t get anything like this in the beautiful game.

    P.S. congratulations to Hearts on reaching a cup final, John and on the subject of cups, don’t mention the Arabs.

  11. … and keeping to your theme of ‘here we go again’ Bafana Bafana once again disappoint the nation and our knocked out of Afcon 2013 by Mali.

    The match ended 1 all, our bafoons were only able to convert 1 penalty out of 4 attempts! 🙂

  12. Unfortunately the locals here can’t do with oval balls except trans-Atlantic pointy ones so we can’t watch The Game at all. I sometimes sneak a peek via TVMonde though -maybe later.

  13. JW, Mrs J, not born to oval balls, always refers to The Game as where they show each other their bottoms.

    JM, you might take comfort from a DMail report today that only one-third of Scots will vote for secession.

  14. I watched the game wearing my Canterbury Crusaders shirt expecting the usual ‘tuck the ball under the jumper’ rubbish I so often see from England, whilst my 15 year old daughter sat and ogled at Owen Farrell.

    Well, how wrong I was. England played good open positive rugby, and Scotland did well too – their new English/Oz coaching combo has worked wonders. The English rucking was key – they clearly have been watching Super XV rugby. A great spectacle (despite for ref Rolland who was clearly biased towards England which makes a change), although I’m quite sure England will fail in Ireland next week.

    I wonder which French team will turn up for this tournament? And what on earth is wrong with Wales?

    Robshaw for the Lions captaincy anyone? As a Harlequins fan, I can’t recommend him enough!

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