Papa’s got a brand new bag, Part 2

Having got the nice new Chromebook I told you about earlier for Christmas, I decided to treat myself a bit. It has been a long time since I owned or played an electric guitar, so I thought I would have another go. This is what I got to practice on…..

It is only an Epiphone copy, as I am not a good enough guitarist to justify getting a real Gibson, but this looks and sounds really good. 🙂

My Les Paul Guitar

12 thoughts on “Papa’s got a brand new bag, Part 2”

  1. Good for you, FEEG. I have an acoustic g that I can bash three chords out on. Keep me posted of your progress and what songs you’re instrumenting. (sic)

  2. Janus :

    FEEG, I trust you have the blue suede shoes too?

    No, but I have the sore fingers. I forgot how much it hurt until your fingertips toughened up! 😦

  3. How can you be a bona fide Doctor of Astrophysics in the real world AND play the guitar like that?

    Some people have all the luck.


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