7 thoughts on “My first number, ladies and gentlemen, goes something like this”

  1. OK Janus, so who and what is this guy, and what is the point of your post?

    There are many, many David Davies, so that tells me zilch. 😦

  2. Bearsy: You jest! Did you forget the 🙂

    It’s Mr sideburns himself, the World’s greatest cyclist, the only man ever to win the tour de France without using drugs (not once, not ever)

    Bradley Wiggins. He fancies his chances as a pop singer.

  3. Bradley who?
    Never heard of him. Now if you’d mentioned Cadel Evans, that would be different – the only man to win the Tour de France without using drugs. 😀

  4. “I want to ride my bicycle” segwaying into “Raindrops are falling on my head”.

    PS Cadel was too tired for the Olympics, poor lamb

    PPS England beat India 2 – 1. Look out! 🙂

  5. Will someone explain to me why they are even thinking about making him a Sir? All he did was his job or hobby, yes he beat the frogs at their own game, yes he won gold in the Olympics but that is for him and does not benefit anyone in the country.
    I feel the same about all the Olympiads yes they did well but so does Joe Blogs running a business. they did it for themselves, the sponsorship money and glory.

  6. Ah, well, Rick! The boy done good and other Kilburn kids need encouragement. Didn’t the Amstrad lad get a gong too? (And I’ll wager he can’t sing either.) 🙂

  7. Bradley Wiggins, a superstar! I voted for him… the first time ever I have telephone voted for anyone!!!

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