I should know better. WARNING

What a weekend. IT started in the week when I downloaded a programme to get a file sent. The programme was Frostwire.

First I did an uninstall on both, even tried system restore. Yes both said it had gone… No it hadn’t

Frostwire installed and by default even though I ticked NO it installed a website hijacker called Funmood. It has taken all day to remove this bugger from my PC.

I used AVG, no help. IOBit registry and Malware remover, nothing (both programmes are paid for, not free versions)

Used CCleaner, still no.

Used Malwarebytes (free) this said it had removed the hijacker and malware, and yes it had, but not all of it.

Then did regedit and removed every trace manually so no longer in the system

However it still remained inthe browsers, Firefox, Chrome and IE though not Opera?. Had to do a reset for FFox to clear it, Chrome a lot more trouble and it may still be therre somehwere but no way of telling, IE did a reset..

Google Funmoods and you will see what I mean, but go nowhere near the site unless you want trouble, same with Frostwire. I understand CNet also puts this on your system so be warned.

Author: ricksrant

I am perfect, well I think so and I am never wrong so it must be true.

5 thoughts on “I should know better. WARNING”

  1. Rick: The download sites are really getting very good at “slipping it to you”, almost every download comes with a load of check boxes which when left alone dump these toolbars etc. on your machine. I assume the downloaders get paid for this, otherwise why would they annoy their clients? Malawarebytes is good and so is Superantispyware, recommendation from the forums is to use both about every TWO WEEKS!! and delete everything they uncover.
    No, of course I don’t do it, like everyone else I only go into panic mode AFTER I have a problem.

  2. Thanks LW I’ll look up superantispyware.. As you say untick or tick boxes, in this case I did and it still loaded the damn thing.
    Even the big names put stuff on if you are not careful. Adobe always wants to add Mcafee, AVG wants to put its own toolbar on plus others.

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