14 thoughts on “Interlude”

  1. Oz, is that you? With no comments at all for 20 hours I felt a break in transmissions might be appropriate. 😉

  2. Yup. I’m around, but have been invited to the NSW’s Nurses’ Christmas Thrash tonight. There may be alcohol involved. 😀


  3. Soutie, England 43 – 0 in 28 overs. Is this the antidote to 20 overs cricket? India are managing to reduce the over rate to world record numbers. What rubbish!

  4. Aye weel, Janus. It was a wee bit boring for the first hour but that was England’s fault and not India’s to be fair. The time they wasted setting and resetting defensive fields for a Number 10 batsman was ludicrous. Doesn’t matter anyway as they have to play a minimum of 90 overs a day, depending on the weather.

    It’s a bit more exciting now. 81-2 at tea. Shocking decision for Cook, who missed the ball by a mile, and wrong decision for Trott,,who did get an edge but was given out lbw, but the pressure is now on. I don’t believe that England will crack but it will be an interesting last session.

    Sky at tea is showing 10 such shockers from the series and slagging the Indian board for their anti-DRS stance.

  5. G’morgen, JM. Will KP rein in his enthusiasm? Will he cope with the spin? These and many other…..etc! 🙂

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