August Poetry Competition

By the time August draws to a close the holiday season will almost be over, London streets may be returned to the overtaxed residents and even the French will be back at what passes for work.

Our subject will be “My Summer Holiday”.  It does not have to be this year’s event, just something memorable to the participant.  Some of my most remembered are the annual Sunday school day trips to Porthcawl via GWR in the fifties. (It always rained).

If you really did spend your hard earned at the Olympics, (or watching cricket) that’s OK but your offering will be judged accordingly, as will entries submitted on currency or negotiable instruments.

Any form or scheme.  Closing at midnight EDST on August 31.

Author: Low Wattage

Expat Welshman, educated (somewhat) in UK, left before it became fashionable to do so. Now a U.S. Citizen, and recent widower, playing with retirement and house remodeling, living in Delaware and rural Maryland (weekends).

15 thoughts on “August Poetry Competition”

  1. Just noticed your deadline, LW, which happens to be the date that daughter No.2 is due to give birth to my second grandchild. So with this in mind, I have started my contribution to the competition. If all goes according to plan, which is not guaranteed, it should be finished before the 31st.

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