The Stasi years

An entry for JM’s poetry competition. A duet.

* * * * *
Four years of dedication
Pain barriers, niggles, frustration
The time has come
Bang goes the starting gun

The Peruvian sets the pace
Before peeling out of the race
The Chilean makes a rally to the front
But is conquered by the hunt
Accidentally some competitors utensils clash
The Irishman drops out in a lumpy mash
Zigzagging through the stramash
Are Bond and Orlov in a military two-step dash

The blonded Orlov has Teutonic balance
The Brit Bond is dating hot totty, Holly Valance
The finish boils down to these two
A West v East desire to win through

The East German wins by the width of a skin
Only to be accused of a nefarious sin
The Olympic committee investigating at noon
Found that the GDR man had glue on his spoon

It’s enuf to make you barf
Olympic gods look down and larf!
Roman circii viewed with dread
Games redundant, ‘gis the bread!’

6 thoughts on “The Stasi years”

  1. Chorus-

    It’s enuf to make you barf
    Olympic gods look down and larf!
    Roman circii viewed with dread
    Games redundant, ‘gis the bread!’

    The dogs are complaining that this is doggerel!

  2. Hello CO, John Mackie will be over the moon. He’ll feel like he’s a rocket ship on his way to Mars when he finds out you have made an appearance at his Olympic poems event. There is no way I can ignore your contribution. You will receive full recognition as co-writer. If I can just make one little amendment. I don’t think the chorus idea will work. Your words work better as a fitting finale to proceedings. Trust me on this, I’m the expert at this type of thing. 😉

    We are an unlikely combination. The Olympic Gods are always good for a laugh and have thrown us together. We could be the next Freddie Mercury/Montserrat Caballe.

  3. Hee hee, JW,

    What an interesting pome and thread. I shall ignore the subject matter because I have run out of sobs and hyperbole, Olymically speaking. I can’t take any more! 😉

  4. Thanks Ara.

    I’ve not watched much of the games myself and the only thing I went out of my way to see was the men’s 100m final. And that only lasted 9.63 seconds.

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