Tour de force anglaise

While cherished cynics pooh-pooh the eighty-seven hour ride around the magnificent French campagne, there are those of us who will be pleased that three English riders have proved better than the rest. And although outspoken Daley Thompson believes that athletics are the superior discipline (his own claim to fame relies on his failure to be good enough at any one of his ten to be a world-beater like Steve Redgrave), I defy anyone to doubt the skill and dedication displayed by the Sky team in sealing first and second places overall for Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome and two three* explosive stage wins for Mark Cavendish.

As a footnote, the spectacle was a welcome counterpoint to English fortunes at the Oval and Royal Lytham, where Soutie’s mates won all the laurels.

* mea maxima culpa, thanks, Soutie!

Author: Janus

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9 thoughts on “Tour de force anglaise”

  1. Did you know that Chris Froome although born in Kenya grew up in Jhb? (He attended St John’s College, Jhb)

    He started his pro career riding down here for team Kinolca Minolta (2007) before Robbie Hunter (himself a stage winner on Le Tour) spotted him and invited him to join team Barloworld.

    Froome rode his only other French tour with team Barloworld back in 2008. If you look at the results from that year you’ll notice that he has a Kenyan flag next to his name!

    Because of the ‘South African’ connection this year, we followed Froome’s progress closely (along with Robbie Hunter (crashed out) and Daryl Impi (111th))

  2. I don’t poo-poo the Tour de France, Janus, nor any cycle race. These cyclists are super-athletes. Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome and Mark Cavendish have done England proud. I have put a post up on the Dark Side – something I rarely do now – pointing out that Le Figaro describes Wiggins’ victory as “lacking in punch”. “L’equipe” on the other hand describes it as a victory “a l’Indurain” which is much better. I still have a vivid recollection of Big Mig surging past me on a hill in Portsmouth some years ago. (Sigh!)

    Great for Els to have won The Open, Soutie.

  3. Soutie :


    Cavendish won 3 stages (2,18,20) ;)

    Humanum ist errare, as Backside says. And I still claim CF as a plastic Brit!

  4. Sheona, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve sometimes had enough of the Brit Bashing, and not just from French rags.

  5. G’naand Janus

    CF can obviously represent who he feels like, good luck to him.

    ‘Humanum ist errare’ is that French for oops! 😉

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