Pulborough Brooks RSPB (really sexually perverted bstds)

Good walk around a bird reserve yesterday, damn little birds far to fast for me to snap, I think they need the likes of a wild west gun slinger to get the camera up in time. Still the grass snake was a bonus as it shot through the water, about 25 foot away from me.

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Author: ricksrant

I am perfect, well I think so and I am never wrong so it must be true.

7 thoughts on “Pulborough Brooks RSPB (really sexually perverted bstds)”

  1. Well I can’t blame you for heading South! A wonderful antidote to the bloody farce going on in London.
    I was thinking of you earlier this week and wondering if you had done a runner to Greece for the duration. But obviously not!
    Hope you survive the next few weeks of it all, you have my extreme sympathy with your commute!

  2. Hi cob, no not going to greece too many problems.
    luckily I don’t need to commute my office is 10 mins from home, but I have cancelled all meetings in london for the next 3 weeks

  3. Oh, thought your office was further in than that. Don’t blame you cancelling the meetings, no one in their right mind would go near the place!! Time to set mines in the drive, close the gates and pull the blinds!
    And then go and visit all the gardens just to the South of you as a grand antidote.
    Good luck.

  4. Great photos. A visit to the reserve sounds like a splendid anti-dote to London’s chaos. This is the first time for years that I haven’t been back to the UK in July – nothing would get me there at the moment!

  5. Cob my office is in Orpington. Tomorrow all the roads round here are going to be bad due to the torch in Bromley,
    As for gardens round here, there are more than I thought, as we subscribe to the Telegraph we get a list of gardens and BOGOFF deals so have been seeing some I never knew existed.

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