Siyanqoba (we conquer)

Here’s the long haul SA Airways Airbus 340-300 which will be whisking our Olympic hopefuls off to London this evening.

I have no idea who the athletes in the picture are (can’t find any reference to them on the pages that I’ve read this morning) but good luck to them. Here’s hoping they don’t get lost between Heathrow and the Olympic village!

A 21 year old first year design student at Stellenbosch University (Adri Le Roux) won a national competition requesting suggestions for the Olympic livery.

When I first read the news reports I was tempted to base my next poetry entry on the plane and other transport issues but trying to  rhyme Siyanqoba sent me back to the drawing board 🙂

20 thoughts on “Siyanqoba (we conquer)”

  1. When you rhyme with Siyanqoba
    You can find a theme and lob a
    Pome to Mackie. It’s a job a
    A pote must do. It makes me slobber!

  2. Môre Janus, thank you 🙂

    Janus :

    PS Isn’t that Caster Semenya?

    Yes, but the other has me scratching my head!

  3. Good morning Soutie

    At least they will have a decent Test Match to watch when they get here.

    The forecast is some showers this afternoon, a bit worse tomorrow, much better on Saturday and then fine on Sunday and Monday.

    I can’t wait!

  4. Good morning JM, neither can we.

    There’s going to be an equally absorbing competition at my local as to which 2 channels they show (Tour, Golf, Cricket) and then, which of the two commentaries?

    It’ll be fun 🙂

  5. JM, by the way, my local news has just reported a fire at Kings Park this morning. Shouldn’t affect your Sharks as they will be away for the remainder off the Super season 😉

  6. I think that Semenya is another athletic problem. Every photograph I see shows her very masculine features more obviously every time. I know it’s not the poor girl’s fault, but I do feel she is unfair competition for the others.

  7. That is supposed to be a woman?
    God almighty!
    All I can say if that lot get bombed by bunch of ragheads they will have been doing the world a favour getting rid of the likes out of the gene pool!!!!
    I declare, totally beyond.
    When did the olympics become a freak show?

  8. Sipu :

    I do not think either is M Semenya.

    Morning Sipu

    Ha ha (certainly not the one on the left :))

  9. Christina, I’m not sure that Semenya could ever participate in the gene pool. She drew the short straw, but can’t pass it on.

  10. Is she a true hermaphrodite? Thought they could do either roles?
    Or is she just a sterile freak? Something dreadfully wrong there.

  11. Never in my wildest dreams
    an answer to my prayers it seems
    I can rhyme this Siyanqoba
    with athlete Caster Semenya

  12. No she can’t, but I don’t think she should be allowed to compete with normal women either. If you look up on’ images’, there are various races with women and she/he/it is a monster when running next to them.
    Doesn’t look like the same species.

  13. From the BBC July 2010 report here

    South African athlete Caster Semenya has been given the all-clear to return to competition by the International Association of Athletics Federations.

    The 19-year-old world 800m champion has been out of the sport for 11 months after undergoing gender tests.

    “The IAAF accepts the conclusion of a panel of medical experts that she can compete with immediate effect,” said a statement from the athletics body.

    “Please note that the medical details of the case remain confidential.”

    ‘Gender tests’ good grief, what next?

    If they’re happy who am I (besides being completely unqualified) to argue?

  14. Well you only have to have a pair of eyes to see that there is something not right, in every picture she has 5 o’clock shadow and in need of a shave! Go look at the images.

  15. No, Bravo, as I said, the poor girl cannot help how she was born, but I do feel she has an unfair advantage over the other female athletes. A bit like the Russian and East German female shot-putters and hammer throwers who were pumped full of drugs, which in some instances actually changed them into males.

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