Game on!

Bugger the Olympics, settle down with some beer and popcorn for some real sporting action.


Picture:  Daily Telegraph.

Can England keep their number one ranking?  Can South Africa knock them off the top spot?  Weather permitting – and allowing for the fact that, for whatever reason, the powers that be have decided to make this a three Test series rather than the five tests they should be playing – shake hands, Ladies and Gentlemen, and come out fighting.  May the best team win.  (And may South Africa come second 🙂  )

51 thoughts on “Game on!”

  1. Actually I’m surprised you are in the UK bravo, thought you would have done a runner to some other more salubrious part for the duration, (like outer Mongolia!)

  2. What a disappointment!

    267 runs off a flat track at an unbearingly boring rate against a bowling attack which is obviously out of sorts. What is it with Trott’s scratching and fiddling before every ball? He should be fined for slowing the day’s over-rate.

    Very difficult to watch, more of this today and we’ll be watching the shot-a-minute action from St Lytham!

  3. Soutie, g’morgen! This is test cricket. It is designed to be slow. Ask JM! 🙂

  4. Môre Janus.

    Without getting on my player/commentator high horse Beefy, Shaun and Mikey almost made it bearable.

    Now, that Peter Allis is a joy. I could listen to him commentate on curling/tiddlywinks 😉

  5. Well, I thought it was a good day. Whatever the outcome of the series, I don’t think yer man Smith is going to see off yet another English skipper – some of his field placings yesterday were quite bizarre – and that despite Strausses four-ball duck in the morning. England are playing with a justified confidence these days and are generally unfazed by the occasional blip like their Skipper’s dismissal – good call on the review by Smith, btw. It is likely to be, as our Australian cousins say in their colourful way, hard yakka out there for the visitors today with England giving their bowlers plenty of runs to bowl at by the end of the day, and South Africa being faced with some hard graft and application to save the game.

    Still, who knows, let’s see what’s happened by lunchtime 🙂

  6. That’s more like it.

    Was that Strauss doing a rain dance in the dressing room at lunch?

  7. Soutie :

    Now, that Peter Allis is a joy. I could listen to him commentate on curling/tiddlywinks ;)

    Right then, I’m back home from work for the weekend and am looking forward to a feast of fun for tonight and the next two days (once they get back on). Could be an interesting evening for the Protea batsmen if play does resume. My only worry is that it may go right down to the wire and I just can’t take this particular Monday off work unless for illness. Cough..

    The drive home tonight was enlivened by TMS with Tuffers and Vaughany reminiscing about what the England team got up to in SA on the 1999 tour. As they said, the growth of social media has meant that such happy days will probably never come again.

    The sad thing, on the other hand , is that neither of them bothered to dwell on the fact that the tour involved Hanse’s ‘Leather jacket’ test, They talked about it as Tuffers had brokered the deal but slid over the match-fixing aspect.

    Talking of sliding, Soutie, what’s your problem with curling, pal? A totally riveting game which has the bonus of involving copious amounts of whisky.

    Bravo, good evening and ‘Game On’ indeed.

    Cough, cough.

  8. Evening JM

    They are back on, I’ve heard they can play ’till 7.30 (your time)

    Curling? Love it, new brooms and all that 🙂

  9. Soutie :

    By the way, TMS is working for me this series, here…

    Lucky man, Soutie. Enjoy!

    Moving on to Peter Alliss, it will be a sad day when he is not commentating on the golf.

    I am utterly depressed by the fact that this is Open Championship number 141, mainly because my first live Open was the 100th anniversary at St Andrews of number 1, Actually only number 89 or thereby, due to us taking time off to win World Wars.

    The Champion golfer was Aussie Kel Nagle with Arnie in second and and your own Gary at seventh. Magic experience and even better when I went back on the Monday (no play on the Sabbath in those days) to form part of the gallery for a US televised recording of an 18 hole matchplay between Palmer v Player.

    I trust that you realise that this is all displacement activity? Amla and Smith are looking ominous,

    It’s a worry!

  10. Here I go again!!!

    Once again we’ve been short changed on our days entertainment, play apparently has to stop at 7.30pm, we’re 2 overs short!

    Why on earth not simply give the crowds what they paid for? (A full days play)

    Any chance of interrupting the big cheeses champagne breakfasts tomorrow morning and perhaps starting 10 minutes early to make up?

    No, didn’t think so.

  11. Come on, Soutie, this is cricket 🙂 Good day for South Africa and I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Smith and Amla looked settled at the end.

  12. Evening Bravo

    Great day for us, still along way to go.

    Brilliant effort by our bowlers this morning, I really though that with our guys not having played much and being ‘rusty’ we could have been looking at your lot getting 500+

    Am delighted with Graeme and Hashim’s application so far, if the rest of our batters adopt a similar approach we may only have to bat once!

    (okay, wishful thinking, tongue in cheek that last bit but as they say, ” ’tis a funny game, cricket.”)

  13. Aye weel, Soutie, Sorry about the Bulls but what a performance from the Sharks. Those 15 minutes of the second half when the Reds were camped on our try line was just like watching Scotland defending at their best.

    I’ve always said that Kaplan is a truly great referee. Bring on the Stormers!

    Right then, over to the cricket. Doesn’t seem that I’ve missed much. In truth, I’ve missed nothing at all since I was recording it and it sounds like I can just fast forward to real time.

  14. They’ve been coached by Sir Geoffrey 🙂 South Africa slowly getting on top, I think – emphasis on
    sl-o-o-oo-o-wly. Not fascinating to watch – do they plan to try bat through much of tomorrow and then bowl England out as the pitch deteriorates?

  15. Ja well

    Considering that England scored their 385 in 126 overs and SA reached 385 in the 128th pretty similar methinks!

    Add to that the woeful negative offstump bowling of Anderson to across Smith early on I’m not at all surprised.

    @5pm I sent a mate the following text “piling on the agony, Declare tomorrow 30min after tea 300 ahead”

  16. JM The Bulls were awful, a great performance from The Sharks, never looked looked losing.

    I’ll be backing The Mountaingoats (Stormers) next week, 2 reasons, 1) I’ll never forgive Natal for removing Eastern Province from the original Coastal Sharks conference, that led to the absolute decline and ruin of top level rugby in this province and 2) A home final means a reasonable kick off time (probably 5pm) which means a good day out and I can watch with a couple of mates.

  17. For whom did I forecast hard yakka in the field…?

    Soutie, they were bumblling along at around 2 an over until well into the afternoon – you could watch Amla’s beard growing. Mind, once he put his mind to it, he showed what a class act he is. Interesting day tomorrow…

  18. Howzit Bravo

    It’s going to be very hard yakka tomorrow, I expect a huge acceleration from Jaques and Hashim tomorrow and again once once AB and JP get out there (I think that Rudolph will be instructed to just stick around)

  19. Hi Bravo.

    Thanks for the cricket post. Summer is definitely in full swing, seam and spin.

    I trust that you will, in time, delete all comments about golf, rugby, curling and tiddlywinks on this thread. Minority sports should not be encouraged when Test match cricket is on.

    As for the TMC, at this point we will be glad to take a draw.

  20. I had to smile (and shake my head) when David Gower was referring to the possible use of a nightwatchman he said

    “It’ll be ……(pause) …… I cant say that, anyhow, it rhymes with odds law”

    Reporting regulations gone mad?

  21. It was Smith’s 25th test century and he became the seventh player to achieve the feat of scoring a hundred in his hundredth test after Colin Cowdrey, Gordon Greenidge, Javed Miandad, Alec Stewart, Inzamam-ul Haq and Ricky Ponting.

    Great company to be in

  22. So they waited for Kallis to get his 43rd ton (43, remarkable, what an achievement, what a talent, I’ve probably watched every one!) run rate last 10 overs 5.2

  23. We’re happy 🙂 🙂

    I’d perhaps given Kallis perhaps 8/9 overs to reach his double ton but this was obviously decided upon with Jaques approval.

    Right, let’s see how flat this track really is ❓

  24. Just have to share this….

    “The joke on the radio here in SA….The first South African wicket to fall on the day [4] was shortly after tea with Jonathon Trott, followed by two others in Pieterson and Strauss. “

    I didn’t hear it but saw it elsewhere 🙂

  25. Môre Janus, well, one thing is for certain, we aren’t going to lose this one!

    What with Ernie winning @ Royal Lytham, Amla’s record breaking knock, great performances from the rest od The Proteas an enjoyable days viewing. (If a bit of hectic channel swopping late in the day ;))

  26. That’s that then, what a fantastic all round performance by The Proteas.

    That by the way is the 1st SA victory at The Oval in 14 attempts, Eng 7 wins, 6 draws and now this wonderful victory.

    I fancied a small wager with an English pal of man on who would get the highest 1st innings total next week. He refused, his reason? He said it was unfair as he’s only seen 4 of our guys bat!

  27. Oh dear, indeed. I ‘ve been busy. Came back to get the bad news and find the last 5 wickets gone for 37 runs. Slaughtered. Done up like a box of kippers.

  28. Great idea, John. We should challenge the southrons and beyond to a game. Four-a-side is’nt it?

    For our team I should be the designated deliverer as I can bend it like Andy Ritchie. You, Sheona and Bilby (honorary Scot) can do the sweeping.

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