Olympic rant (for Mr. Mackie)

The Olympics are an issue
On which we can’t agree.
I make no bones about it
And no apology.

It’s all so metropolitan,
Encompassing, diverse,
So very multicultural,
Yet strangely so perverse.

There’s nothing here of England,
Of Scotland or of Wales,
Or of Northern Ireland,
But it’s all of us who pay

For foreign songs and dancing
Right from the very start
And we will go on paying
Until we all lose heart

And leave the country we once loved;
The rain, road closures, cones.
For better be in foreign lands
Than strangers in our own.


Author: O Zangado

Just loping around. Extremely fond of roast boar in particular, meat in general and cooking on the barbie. Fish is good too.

7 thoughts on “Olympic rant (for Mr. Mackie)”

  1. I rest my case. Read it and weep.

    For those poor souls without access to Auntie Beeb, 2012 began as an hilarious, satirical take on the background planning to the Olympic Games. Watching it, it seems to have morphed into an hilarious, satirical documentary.

    Just before the most recent episode, Beeb’s continuity wonk solemnly announced, “And now 2012. Just be thankful these people aren’t really in charge.” I think the irony escaped her.


  2. Don’t get the TV thingy here, but the real thing is obviously just as entertaining.
    By the way, All the cluster fucks are being reported widely across Canadian and USA radio and TV. They are trying to be kind about it which is more humiliating than being a la Kraut magazine!

  3. When the athletes start missing their events, as in Atlanta, then the USA can start criticising.

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