Pegasus (OZ’s Poetry Competition)

Wiki: Artist, Ian Hornak

Foaled in blood, and blessed with wings,
where’er he lights sweet water springs.
Thus, every ringing strike of hooves
his true Divinity he proves.

From such a monstrous Dam he came,
bestowed with beauty, fair of name.
From noble brow to coronet,
the perfect equine form was set.

His Sire rules tempestuous seas,
brings fisher-widows to their knees.
A restless Deity of the Deep;
a soul to save, a soul to keep.

Beat your wings, bright feathers sweeping,
earth and sky within your keeping.
Ridden once, but wild forever,
nevermore to wear a tether.

Fly swiftly, colt of blood and tears,
with thunder sounding in your ears.
Ascend to Heaven, Zeus has spoken,
Olympus, dreaming, is awoken.

5 thoughts on “Pegasus (OZ’s Poetry Competition)”

  1. I’m pleased you like it, PapaG. Thank you. 🙂

    Thank you for your divine words, Janus. 🙂

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