Results of Photo Competition No. 28

So there we were, (yes, we have a panel) four of us mulling over the entries for our current photo competition.

A fine selection of entries indeed. As per my intention subjects were varied and imaginations tested.

After much debate and consideration we had a split decision!……Between these two.

No need for my casting vote, they’re both from Pseu!

My personal choice isΒ  the one on the right (flowers in water) it sparked my imagination, thanks Pseu over to you.

11 thoughts on “Results of Photo Competition No. 28”

  1. I preferred the one on the right too, Soutie. Well judged and well done Pseu.


  2. Well done Pseu though I actually preferred your other water droplet shot and the surrounding pattern of foliage; water in its very essence. You certainly have a good eye for a good shot. Sorry Soutie I could not provide more contributions – it was both a super and a simple subject and I should have timetabled the project in order to have created some more shots. Nevermind – I’ll try better next time.

  3. Well done, Nym.

    I think the one on the right is my favourite too, Soutie.

    Thank you for the competition, and cool banner!

  4. Well done Pseu.

    Sorry for the non-contribution, Soutie. I did take a phone photo of some flooding that was near us. I just ran out of time uploading it. I might do it posthumously on another post.

  5. Hi chaps, I’m back! What a nice surprise to come back to. I shall set the next compo as soon as I’ve had a think about it.

  6. Morning Pseu, welcome back, I’m pleased that you eventually made an appearance, we were getting ready to send out the search parties πŸ˜‰

  7. I don’t like to announce holidays on line! Sorry … but I’m back now and have set the next compo πŸ™‚

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