Mirror, mirror…..

It’s that morning-in-the-bathroom-feeling, sometimes a Balotelli moment: “Why always me?” Does Angela wonder whether leadership is really what she craves für Das Faterland? Couldn’t she fancy the occasional scherzo at second fiddle?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel gives a speech

Author: Janus

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3 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror…..”

  1. If I were Merkel, I’d be feeling very pleased that I spoke the truth about the French economy yesterday. Hollande seems to be on another planet. Retirement age back to 60 for certain people after Sarkozy struggled through strikes to raise it to 62; 60,000 more teachers promised – does he even have enough classrooms to put them in?; clampdown on rents, thus ensuring a shortage of property to rent.

    Merkel couldn’t say what she did from the second violins.

  2. Germany is quite happy not to have to take a leadership role. In fact, Germany is deeply uncomfortable with its present position. The problem is that Germany is being asked to hold up the whole of the EU on its own. While not only obviously impossible, the final result of this would be the immolation of German finances.
    The French and Italians can frankly sod off as far as I’m concerned. I had considered going on holiday in Italy but will go to Denmark/Sweden/Norway instead.

  3. Christopher, welcome! Your Chinese skills will come in handy. The word is that dog will soon be on the menus here, with pigs outpricing themselves.

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