Ode to a Strawberry Roan: Poetry Competition

Ode to a Strawberry Roan

A flighty filly, highly strung,
Prone to sudden shies.
The dogs attack, in fun no doubt,
In gleeful barking cries.

The hounds close in, she tossed her mane,
And in a sudden rush,
Her rider landed, winded now,
Into a handy bush

Of rhododendrons, in full flower,
A tangled safety net.
The filly dashed, at dangerous speed,
Homeward bound, I’ll bet.

No broken limbs but worried now,
I limp off at full speed.
A passing couple stopped their car:
“Follow that horse” I plead.

Quite gung-ho, like in a film,
The couple play their part.
At every bend, disaster looms,
I feel my beating heart.

Two miles of mad and morbid thoughts
But then I am aware,
The filly is in sight, unharmed,
The bloody stupid mare!

3 thoughts on “Ode to a Strawberry Roan: Poetry Competition”

  1. PapaG.

    Thank you, but I can assure you that at the time, I was quite relieved it didn’t! It didn’t have an entirely happy ending, the silly filly in question galloped down the lane back to her paddock, once she had managed to avoid the traffic on the road, and the horse in the next field joined in the chase, on the other side of the fence. When I arrived back I found the vet was stitching up a huge gash on his shoulder. He’s managed to crash into a tree in the excitement.

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