A Great End to the Jubilee Weekend

I was absolutely delighted to have the day off work today to be able to watch the climax to a weekend of celebrations live.

Despite the dreadful weather, the whole thing passed off really well. I was delighted to see that my nation rose to the occasion and did what we always used to do so well. Concentrated on our strengths.

We played our rugby to those strengths and took the conditions into account with our tactics. And we won for a change – Australia 6 Scotland 9.

Right then, off to watch the Diamond Jubilee Service of Thanksgiving which I have, of course, recorded. Don’t spoil it by telling me what happened.

But I’ll bet you that the Patron of the Scottish Rugby Union, the Princess Royal, will have been somewhere in the Palace of Westminster after the service watching the closing minutes of the game.

In passing and on other posts and issues, I liked that dress and thought the Countess of Strathearn looked magnificent in it. The designer, Sarah Burton, customised it brilliantly and, as worn by Kate, made it unique, in my opinion.

And somebody should tell CO and Soutie that it would not be practicable to lock Alexander McQueen up in the Tower or display his head on Traitors’ Gate unless we go to the bother of scraping up his ashes from the Isle of Skye and reconstituting him. Smiley things.

8 thoughts on “A Great End to the Jubilee Weekend”

  1. According to the report on the BBC’s sport website, the Scottish team were shown disrespect in Australia. So it’s good to see that the team grabbed their opponent by the lapels and administered a Glasgow kiss, in a manner of speaking.

    Never mind, Bearsy, Sam Stosur won her match today.

  2. It was a most enjoyable weekend, Mr Mackie, I agree.

    Well done Scotland.

    I’m rather pleased you pointed out that Alexander McQueen, by virtue of his demise, bore no responsibility for this supposed outrage with regard to That Dress. Smiley Thing

  3. Indeed, well done Scotland. Those Aussies always need taking down a peg or two. Most of our personal Jubilee celebrations today have been comestible, potable or televisual, I have to confess. 🙂

  4. Well I for one wasn’t aware that the match was on. I heard the tale end of a news broadcast yesterday lunchtime and heard 6-3, I assumed it was something to do with the tennis but was sure that I’d heard ‘rugby’ mentioned.

    When discussing Aus – Scotland later, I assumed that the conversation was heading towards the IRB Junior World Cup currently being played here at Stellenbosch (Aus played Scotland Monday night, I won’t mention the score ;))

    No, it was indeed a test (played at Newcastle of all places!) and a great victory courtesy of a 82nd minute penalty, well played Scotland.

    As for your info on that designer chappie, thanks, must confess not a ‘craft’ that I follow at all (obviously ;))

  5. For my money the sartorial prize went to the fossilised Grace Jones, the only geriatric performer to hoolahoop throughout her incomprehensible number. Pity Cliff, Elton and Paul didn’t do the same.

  6. Janus, about the measure of it!
    ABC televised and had it on their schedule the other night. Spousal unit asked if I wanted to watch it, got a withering look for his pains and we applied a DVD! Would have paid good money NOT to watch it from the excerpts. Just caught the fireworks afterwards on CNN.

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