“Oh, no!” said Cyclo, “I’ve found a packet of seeds. Forget-me-nots. Have you forgotten to plant them?”

The seeds were from the Alzheimer Disease Society: a freebee. A nice idea, but I didn’t need them.

My garden is full of Forget-me-nots which flower freely

Yesterday was a gardening day.
I worked hard all morning as I thought it was about to rain. Then the clouds passed away and I stopped for lunch. After lunch I looked at the sky and then carried on. It threatened all day, but only a few spots fell. This afternoon I recruited a few reluctant family members to help for an hour or so. The vegetable patch so far this year it has no vegetables, only rhubarb!

There is a surplus of soil and an excess of weeds. Four labourers, however have made a significant difference to the latter. The excess soil, which is left over from some patio laying, will need further attention. I’m thinking a raised bed may just accommodate it?

When I sent the volunteers in, not wishing to push goodwill too far, I carried on.
It was getting dark when I decided my back could take to more. A glass of white wine awaited me. Just the ticket!

If only I had done before and after shots for the album!



Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

18 thoughts on “Forget-me-not”

  1. Can I have the soil, please? I have plenty of rock and clay in return.


  2. Re the raised bed idea. What about making an asparagus bed? If you do make it at least 10″ deep. If you have moles put chicken wire down first it stops their activities dead so to speak.

    forget me nots. I have to say I always thought they were weeds! Pull them out by handfuls, they always come back Our idiot garden club actually sold them as flowers potted up. Shows you the general idiocy/ignorance of the locals that they all sold at $4 per pot!!!!! The same bought bellis too, I weep for their gardens!

    Not easy dragooning the troops into helping is it? About the only thing I can get spousal unit to do is to run various machines that hack at whatever is needed. Thought you were all fitting water wings this weekend according to the papers?

  3. It’s far too cold for water wings, Christina, and we haven’t had any rain here.

  4. pseu, I hate to ask but are you sure you have photographed myosotis and not some brunnera flowers?
    there is a leaf in the back right of the photo that looks damnably like that of ‘Jack Frost’ Equally it appears very high off the ground for myosotis.
    Just checking!

  5. An aspargus bed sounds a good idea: but I was thinking of less than 10 inches for the raised bed….

  6. Found an ailing bumble on the lawn this morning. Gave it some honey, transferred it to the apple blossom (fell off). More honey. Rallied slightly. Moved it to something else (?) lower down (fell off). moved it to forget-me-not-last- chance. Dying, I think, but I tried. Little old bee-hugger, me.

  7. oh dear. Maybe the weather (warm then cold) has confused the poor bumbles? I saw one today in a similar state at the garden centre.

  8. Well, that’s what I do. Last year, I pulled up most of them but they are undeterred, and difficult to eradicate. I prefer them to ground elder, though.

  9. Re raised beds, if you want to grow salad crops etc, 6-8″ is sufficient, however if you want to dedicate it to asparagus then 10″ They like to grown deep, at least 6″ down, plus you need a fair bit below them for the roots which are slightly bulbous. You will have a far better bed for far longer if you do it properly in the first place. For a family at least 4’x10′ to get a cut for 4. the soil should be at least 50% compost or rotted manure with the soil you have. Beware treated timber it will kill the plant or you, timber preservatives are cyanate based. cough, choke and buy untreated Western Red Cedar which has enough grease in the wood to preserve it for at least 20 years, what you want is 2×10″ planks, very expensive but worth every penny. Short of that use plastic wood lookalikes but then you have to live with such excrescences for ever!
    Plant 3 year crowns and no cutting for 2 years. Then 50% for a couple of years and then go for it. My bed is 8 years old and we can’t keep up with it I am forced to freeze it down. Fine for quiches with smoked salmon.
    All I do is top dress it with rotted manure every Feb about 1″ deep overall. Seeing you are so near the Vale of Pershore you should get good crops there, It must be in full sun or at least 5 hours per day.
    Ps if you are putting this on a lawn are there is no need to kill the grass before you start at this depth it will give up anyway!
    The other good use for a raised bed is a strawberry bed, warms up early and you get early fruit. Stud all over and peg down runners.

  10. Christina, thank you!
    I may have to go with the cheaper pressure treated timbers, but could line them in heavy duty plastic before filling.

  11. pseu, no, this is the worst option of the lot. The soil manages to work its way between the plastic and the walls. harbours weed seeds and it the very devil to get them out. Plus you have a bottom, even when you perforate for drainage, water is impeded and the whole bed out of sight below can easily become waterlogged. asparagus is one of those crops that likes lots of water rushing past but doesn’t want it hanging around on the root systems. I would check the price of the western red cedar, you will need to go to a good timber merchant. Check the price of the plastic systems, which are generally only 6″ high but some have special corners and links that enable you to build two planks high which would give you the depth you need. Apart from that look for a metal walled system I have seen a corrugated alloy thingummy here that didn’t look too bad. Short of that make cyclo build it out of bricks! That may well be the cheapest option.
    It is all a terrible fag but as the bed will last you decades it is best to get it right in the beginning and from the sound of it it is unlikely that you will move so worth doing properly. With the price of English asparagus it will pay for itself before too long!!

  12. hmmm. Food for thought.

    I’ll see what I can come up with. Thank you for all the advice.

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