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I thought that I’d go and have a look at what all of the fuss was about. Good for Wiki, if it’s publicity that they wanted they got it. News channels are reporting that Wiki is offline and that students and others looking for reference works should take the day off, they are wrong!

The Wiki work around click pic for larger view

A quick simple read of the Wiki “Technical FAQ” page explains the easy work around.

Simply type or cut and paste ?banner=none to the end of the Wiki URL that you originally opened and hey presto the page that you originally wanted appears, as in my example on the left.

So, if you’re stuck at home and the children are complaining that they can’t finish their homework, show them this, or if you were intending to research a subject for your next Chariot post, don’t put it off get back to work!

27 thoughts on “Wiki protest”

  1. Why swordfish you may ask?

    Well there was a documentary playing about the Bismark as I compiled the post and I simply needed an example, any example!

  2. Hi Soutie

    I use Chrome and an easy way to keep Wiki or any other page that times out is to hit the big X next to the Home icon on the by the address line. You need to do it before the refresh sign comes up to replace the X.

    I think I have mentioned before that a close friend of mine was on the bridge of the King George the V when it was involved in sinking the Bismarck. I must ask him if he watched the documentary. He is 88 now and in pretty good shape. He reckons he wants to be the last surviving person to have fought in WW2 so that he can make a fortune telling people about it. Lovely man.

  3. Howzit Sipu

    Are you saying that if you got to a Wiki page today you don’t get the the Wiki SOPA protest? At all?

  4. Hello Soutie: Certainly get the Wiki blank out here and I see Google are participating, their site is operational but their banner is blacked out and a protest notice posted.

  5. Howzit LW

    All they want is for us to read their protest and of course you chaps Stateside to possibly join in, did you try the ‘fix’?

  6. My Google page is as normal, it would be, I use Google with the suffix.

    They probably thought that having a protest down here would be a waste of time as most users think that SOPA is something you use in the bath and that PIPA is the sister of some princess somewhere or other 😉

  7. I did not need the fix, my opening Wiki page is a little different, instead of the Facebook, Twitter options I have a box to enter my zip code then the names of my Representative and Senators appear. I clicked on the “learn more” link and an informational screen opened with a search box in the upper right, the search box worked.

  8. Thanks for the info LW, very interesting.

    It would therefore be more correct to call it an ‘awareness campaign’ then, good for them, it has certainly got a fair bit of coverage.

  9. Hi Soutie. I do get the banner after the page has loaded, but if I click the X before the page switches, it does not redirect. I have to say, that your method requires less dexterity with mouse and finger. But there are some sites that you visit that give you a few seconds to view before displaying a banner requiring you to become a member. It works for them and saves a few bucks in the process.

  10. I did send a message to my various elected numbskulls it was the same to all three “Focus on the economy, Stupid!” I added my name and address, they all know who I am from previous encounters, and Delaware is a pretty small place, I am not expecting any more invitations to their fundraisers, probably killed several birds with one stone.

  11. LW the trouble is the elected numbskulls don’t care about the economy only about crawling up large companies backsides about internet content and copyright so they get a back hander.

  12. Seems like it was a good day for one of Boadicea’s quizzes. Pure learning and/or a head full of well-read trivia beats Wiki any day in my humble opinion, although, of course, I may be wrong.


  13. So what happened?

    Here’s Wiki’s thank you…

    Click here to access the Read more page

    I rather like this bit “You shut down Congress’s switchboards. You melted their servers. Your voice was loud and strong. Millions of people have spoken in defense of a free and open Internet.”

    But 162 million people doesn’t seem very many to me 😕

    Wiki seem pleased, so job well done I suppose.

  14. Soutie, g’morgen! “162 million people doesn’t seem very many to me” – well no, not as a % of the world but when did so many vote for any single issue on one day?

  15. Good point Janus, but I too am surprised by the small number. However, according to this,, Wikipedia only has 31 million viewers on a daily basis.

    It does look though as if some Representatives are changing their tune. My question is, how many people who have expressed opposition have actually read and understood the bills and their implications. I know I have not. I trust Wikipedia, but not Google or Facebook.

  16. Morning Sipu

    Sipu :

    this was only English language Wiki and aimed at US voters and the US government.

    Ahhh! Well said, 162 million seems like rather a lot now, doesn’t it? (to me anyway)

  17. So, Soutie, I reckon 162 million is a fantastic performance, given the predominance of ‘don’t know/don’t care’ respondents! 🙂

  18. Hello Janus, agreed

    However, considering that a lot of us had no idea what the whole hullabaloo was about I think that it worked. I for one am whole lot more knowledgeable now (that’s how I am, but you knew that.)

    Power to their collective elbows!

  19. What staggers me is so many people use Wiki so often.
    I have a real problem understanding why so many people are so uninformed.
    One wonders where they have been all their lives?

  20. christinaosborne :

    What staggers me is so many people use Wiki so often.

    I for one use them quite a lot, for example when I wanted the scientific name for my ponytail (elephants foot) plant I found it easier to search Wiki than drive to my local library or phone my local garden centre. Similarly when looking for a photo of wildebeests and zebras for my ‘Tourists” post I used a pic from Wiki rather than driving the 50km to my local game reserve and snap a picture myself.

    The other nice thing about pictures from Wiki is that it’s generally agreed that pics that have been on their pages for some time are in fact ‘in the public domain’ (otherwise the owners would edit them out) saves a lot of hassle.

    I like Wiki, they are a great starting point when researching a subject, it’s not about being ‘uninformed’ but wanting to know more.

  21. Soutie, g’morgen. I don’t understand why some people are so dismissive of Wiki’s value. They talk of ‘inaccuracy’ but at least Wiki offers the chance to correct errors. Did the Encycl. Britannica do that?

  22. I use Wiki a great deal. However, very little that I use it for is of great importance. I mean I do not make any life changing decisions based on what I read there, but I do learn a tremendous amount from it.

    Back in the early 90s, before the Internet really took off, I recall having a discussion with a friend and work colleague who was something of a techie. He predicted the arrival of Wikipedia, though not that name, of course, and asserted that a user-complied encyclopedia would eventually become far more reliable than anything created by any one organisation, such as Britannica. I think Wikipedia is getting there, despite its many critics. It is certainly a lot more right than wrong. He is a bright chap, though I think he was silly not to take my advice and go and work for Google when he had the chance.

  23. Good morning Janus & Sipu

    Agreed, as I said above ‘I like Wiki.’

    I too don’t understand the dismissive attitudes of some, it’s a very useful tool.

    Sipu :

    I do not make any life changing decisions based on what I read there

    Sound advice 😉

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