Somewhere a place for us

To the strains of West Side Story…..

“There’s a place for us, Somewhere a place for us. Peace and quiet and open air Wait for us Somewhere.” And maybe we’ve found the place, if not the akshull home, yet: a sleepy old harbour town on the south-east corner of our island, called Nysted (yes, Newstead, if you will).

No, I don’t think it really competes with Chesterfield or Pisa but you get the idea. We’re going to look at several pretty properties today, all a stone’s throw from the water, and the only windmills are way out to sea, where they should be. In summer it’s a popular port of call for sailors from all over the Baltic region and even hosts a visit from the Tall Ships every year. So off we go to see if the little Nisse, the elf who lives in a good home, is anywhere to be found thereabouts.

Author: Janus

Hey! I'm back ...... and front

17 thoughts on “Somewhere a place for us”

  1. Two verses from “Something’s coming”

    Could be!
    Who knows?
    There’s something due any day;
    I will know right away,
    Soon as it shows.
    It may come cannonballing down through the sky,
    Gleam in its eye,
    Bright as a rose!

    With a click, with a shock,
    Phone’ll jingle, door’ll knock,
    Open the latch!
    Something’s coming, don’t know when, but it’s soon;
    Catch the moon,
    One-handed catch!

    Good luck sir!

  2. I forgot to say, “Watch it while you can, in case the US Congress are bribed to pass SOPA!”

  3. Looks tranquill, Janus. If I didn’t have The Cave I would be quite content to live on one of those donkey-wide alleyways in an iconic Portuguese town house covered in coloured wall tiles and decorative, wrought iron Juliette balconies. Good luck with your search.


  4. Janus: good luck on your search!
    Denmark is a beautiful country, one which I was loathe to leave
    and will return to as soon as possible. You’ll find something nice.

  5. We found it! It’s right on the harbour! Can we buy it? Watch this channel for another rivetting episode of ‘Don Quixote Rides Again’…….

  6. Nym, yes! But nobody seems to mind.

    And the house we’re looking at is in the pic! Far left….cool, eh?

  7. Well at least with an area already developed they can’t come and plonk a windmill next door.
    But will you be able to sell the old house, presumably at a great discount?
    Any point in suing the windmill owner/company for loss of amenity and value? You only just bought it so could prove loss of value?

  8. CO, there’s a deal in the offing with the C*unt who is installing the mills. He doesn’t want any Tom, D*ck or Ahmed as a neighbour maybe….!

  9. Get yourself a good lawyer!
    We had a situation like this in Dallas, they wanted to put a flood channel through a vacant lot next to our house that we owned. It would have meant that a house could no longer be built there just use for amenity land to the existing house. They tried to offer us a pittance. We hired the best lawyer in town, who wrote one letter, never even turned up to the hearing, didn’t have to!
    Immediately they realised who we had hired they upped the compensation x6!
    Yes, literally went from $5000 to $35,000 in one fell swoop!
    He recommended that was fair, we settled and his bill was $2000 for one letter and worth every penny!
    So don’t get into a class action suit without your own advisor!
    Sometimes cheeseparing is not the way to go.

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