4 thoughts on “A Schoolies’ view of Brisbane City Council Workers”

  1. This isn’t so inaccurate. The other day Bearsy and I were driving down a narrow, windy road where there were road works.

    We rarely have traffic lights to organise the traffic – there is usually a guy at each end of the works with a lollipop saying “Stop” or “Go” to ensure that traffic can get round the obstruction safely.

    That particular day, at that particular site we were greeted by an exceedingly cheerful chappie, whose lollipop was telling us to Stop.

    He wandered over and said that we wouldn’t have to wait long. “No problems”, we said,

    He smiled and said “Good, but some people can get very angry.”

    He then told us of how a women had driven up to his stop sign and started screaming that she was in a hurry. He had said that he was sorry, but it wasn’t safe for her proceed. She had yelled at him, done a U-eey and was driving hell for leather back up the road when….

    He had the all clear from his counterpoint at the other end of the obstruction – so he turned his lollipop to read “Go”.

    The woman did another U-eey and started screaming abuse at him again.

    His story stopped there.

    I couldn’t resist asking him what he’d done then.

    He grinned, and said “Weeell, I turned the lollipop back to Stop”.

    It isn’t wise to upset Brisbane Council workers – they really can hold you up for as long as they like….


  2. Four-eyed English Genius :

    A bit parochial, methinks. This could apply to road-workers anywhere! :-)

    I’m sure it could – but how many road-workers elsewhere bother to tell you that you won’t be waiting long? 🙂

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