Ready for a rout?

This is an aerial view of Brisbane, looking north.   In the fold of the river is the area known as Kangaroo Point, where OZ lived for a few years.   The big round thing is The Gabba – which is short for Woolloongabba, the suburb where it’s located.   Our Cricket season traditionally starts at The Gabba – the first test of the year is always played here.

Tomorrow at 10:00 am our shonkiest XI ever will stagger on to the field to be taught a lesson by our mates from across the Tasman.   NZ aren’t a strong cricketing nation, but I confidently expect them to defeat us with ignominy; lashings of it.

Did our new selectors recall Simon Katich to fill one key hole left by the legion of the injured?   No, of course they didn’t; Pup doesn’t like him.   The fact that he’s probably the only fit batsman in the whole of Australia capable of opening against the Kiwi quicks doesn’t feature.   We’ll rely on Hughes, who’s been pretty useless recently, and Dave Warner, who’s a skilful lad but woefully short of test experience.

When it’s our turn to bowl, we’ll have Peter Siddle leading – who admittedly managed a hat trick against the Poms this time last year on the same ground, and is without doubt a trier – strangely supported by a pack of juveniles just out of school, but without young Cummins who has a sore heel, the poor little dear.

Ponting will, of course, be present – like a nagging tooth that just won’t stop hurting.

But, loyal to the end, Bearsy will be ensconced in the lounge room in front of the HD 42″, windows tightly shuttered, aircon going full blast and no interruptions thank you, Boadicea – all ready to be depressed for the next four days – it won’t get to five, I’m sure. 😦

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

26 thoughts on “Ready for a rout?”

  1. I’m pleased for David Warner, he deserves this chance. No Shane Watson seriously unbalances the team, I see Haddin kept his place.

    It’s a 2am start here, I’ll probably catch the last session and a bit every day.

    How’s your new coach performing? 😉

  2. I enjoyed my stay in Brisbane and reckon it is probably my favourite Australian city. My nephew and his wife, who live there, have just announced they are having a baby who will be an Australian. (cough, splutter!) Anyway, good luck with the cricket and I hope you enjoy it. SA is about to take on Sri Lanka. I am somewhat pessimistic about the outcome.

  3. Soutie – he’s asking us to be patient. I think that means that he expects us to lose, too! 😦
    Brad kept his place because –

    • everyone else is injured, and
    • he’s vice-captain!

    Sipu – Wonderful news. I expect him/her to be playing for Australia in a few years time. 🙂

  4. no interruptions thank you, Boadicea

    I will be taking myself out tomorrow…

    … with the credit card for company. 🙂

  5. I was admiring your lovely meandering river and recalling the origin of the term ‘meander’ from Greek (Μαίανδρος) the name of a river in what is now Turkey. I suppose we might call it the earliest example of a ‘hoover’ word, because the Greeks themselves used it in its literal and metaphorical senses, as we do. (Excuse the diversion: I was meandering.)

  6. While you’re meandering, Janus, you might like to know that the Brisbane River is one of the few rivers in Australia that doesn’t have a name of its own; possibly the only one. All the other State capitals have rivers with names other than that of the city they flow through.

  7. Enjoy Bearsy,

    As I have said before, it was one of the highlights of my trip Down Under to be able to my respects to The Gabba. I particularly enjoyed the signs.

    I was lost in wonder at this effort for a good minute.

  8. This isn’t quite the wowsers’ revenge it seems to be, it’s so you have to buy your grog at the inflated prices charged by the outlets in the ground.

  9. Hi Bearsy,

    Twelve o’clock kick-off in the UK. I’ll watch the first session of play before retiring; damn work.

    I’ve always wondered about the rivalry between these nations? Are relations friendly or does it get heated? As a neutral, I’ll be cheering the Kiwis. 🙂

    The rolling updates on Cricinfo came away with a cracker. “Cutting just misses the … well… Cut.” Alright then, it wasn’t a cracker.

  10. Great opening over for NZ!

    I’m flabbergasted by the aussie team – so are the commentators Benaud, Greig and Taylor – as they say – rather inexperienced at the top and bottom, just where you need experience!

    Just who the hell are the bowlers and what is Siddle doing at number 8? Where’s Watson? Thank the fairy spaghetti monster for Hussey!

    I love your description of Ponting!

    I have the in-laws over who are delighted as season ticket holders at Hampshire CCC because Simon Katich has just signed for them again!

    I can’t believe you’re not at the Gabba Bearsy – think how many whales you’d save by not using that big TV and Air!! 😀

  11. PS is Pattinson any relation to the one cap wonder Darren who played for England a few years ago?

  12. Cuprum – Yes – he’s the younger brother.

    Better view from the lounge room – but Boadicea and I are taking elder daughter to the first Big Bash match (T20) at the Gabba on the 20th. Brisbane Heat against Warnie’s Melbourne mob. We have Dan Vettori on our team. 🙂

    4/94 at lunch? Seems pretty good to me!

  13. JW – It’s always been friendly rivalry in any sport – until this year’s Rugby, when the Kiwis got a bit nasty, for the first time ever. There’s no indication that this is going to spill over into cricket, though. 🙂

  14. Indeed, a good start, but a poor display by the Kiwi batsmen really. They should be feeling confident after their display in the warm up match. I didn’t see anything special from the Aussie attack.

    Sounds like a great day out on the 20th – enjoy! 😀

  15. Morning/afternoon Bearsy, Finely balanced contest at the moment with the Aussies having a slight edge (Pup on 99 as I speak). The new ball not far away and could make a difference.

    Cricket commentators always have great anecdotes and facts to pass the time when, um, er, not much is happening. This Test proving no exception. I did not know Martin Guptill only has two toes on one foot. The result of a lawn mower accident although Wiki says Fork Lift accident. Nevertheless, two toes it is. This hasn’t stopped Guptill from being quick around the park and earning a horrible nickname in the meantime: The Road Runner.

    RE: A bit of a softie- comment #7. As your good pedantic self corrects the poor grammar of the less grammatically advanced, may I inform you for the one thousandth time. It’s Freddie not Freddy. 🙂

  16. Of course, you’re right, JW. I shall say five Hail Freddies as penance. 😦

    The new ball didn’t help. At tea we’re 50 ahead and still looking good, though it’ll soon be over when we reach the tail, I expect.

    Did you see young Reece Young get hit in the nose/mouth from a bad bounce from Dan? Fair made me shudder. Why he wasn’t wearing a guard I don’t know, but when Brendon McCullum came in to replace him, he didn’t wear a helmet either. Bit stupid when you’re up, I would have thought.

  17. G’day Bearsy.

    Just watched at fast forward to tea and in full thereafter. Unfortunately, the recording stopped with Starc on 12 so had to google to see the final state of play. I gather from a couple of cricket blogsites in OZ that this is a Channel 9 thing and that coverage stops abruptly at set times?

    I think you will probably win but a draw is still a distinct possibility if NZ can bat long enough. Starc being dropped at 0 certainly helped your cause.

    The Young injury was scary, particularly in slow motion. Credit to him that he still gloved the ball having taken that hit in the face. Superb reactions.

    McCullum’s just McCullum. Obviously made of concrete. Doesn’t bother with pads behind the stumps so why should he need a helmet?

  18. It can do sometimes, but it didn’t today, it carried on until stumps. Blame your local channel – Sky, is it?

    There were many dropped catches, which cost the Kiwis dearly. Young came back on with his 12 stitches; a tough lad.

    A draw is certainly on the cards.

  19. My head hit the pillow before the ball hit Young so I didn’t see the incident Live. It was a sore one, right on the kisser.

    I like your pessimism, Bearsy, it cheers me up. 🙂
    After predicting a rout a draw is not a bad result. There’s even the possibility of an Aussie win…

  20. At lunch on day 4, even I would find it hard to continue with my pessimism. Still 11 runs behind and Dan Vettori dismissed for 17 by Mike Hussey!! The Kiwis need a thunderstorm or an earthquake.

    I have to say I like Michael Clarke’s approach of bringing Hussey and Dave Warner in to unsettle the batsmen. It certainly worked.

  21. Post-match comment from a delighted (though surprised) Bearsy –

    • Why did Pattinson get “Man of the Match”? Good though he was, Nathan Lyon took more wickets (7, as compared with 6).
    • All the Aussies did well in one way or another except Phillip Hughes. Time for a stint back in the Sheffield Shield.
    • Naughty of Punter to run Khawaja out.
    • Mitchell Starc didn’t shine as a bowler, but he batted superbly in the tail. Useful.
  22. New Zealand were awful, deserve their place at rock bottom of the test rankings, (okay, Bangladesh are below them but do they count?) The Kiwis can’t field, bowl or bat, pity that the ICC didn’t cancel this series outright (or postpone it) and allow at least one more SA – OZ test, preferably 2.

    Pattinson was correctly adjudged MoM because batsmen numbers 1,2,3,4,5 are far more important and usually harder to dislodge then 6,7,8,9,10.

  23. I know that Soutie (though he did take a #3), but I much prefer watching finger-spinners to quicks (even good ones). 🙂

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