12 thoughts on “Caption, anyone?”

  1. I sort of recognise the Muslim chap who’s the boss of some distant country near to the PRC (People’s Republic of California), because we shouted him a feed a couple of weeks ago, but who are the white guys?

  2. Oops, sorry, chaps. The fatty on the right is Jose Manuel Barosso, unelected Pres of the unelected European Commission which collects all the money, pays itself royally and lives in Cloud Cuckoo Land. The old fella is Herman van Rompuy, unelected Pres of the European Council (of First Ministers of the member states) until 31st May 2012 – if he makes it that long. Confused yet? Most people are, since the member states seem to be using Herman to keep an eye on Jose, so not surprisingly the solution seems to be to combine their rôles next time – but how, O Lord?

    The other guy is an elected interloper from the New World who is saying:

    “Gee, you guys have got it made. No pressure, loadsacash. How do I apply?”

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