Weather be nice

The light this morning when I got up was soft, burning through a light mist and so beautiful on the Autumnal landscape. After a lazy start we went for a walk in woodlands and parklands near by.

light though trees on seeds and stalks left standing, smothered in fine cobwebs


majestic ancient trees stand sentinel


sunlight and shadows

The woods were running with pheasants. We saw kites, gulls being chased away by teams of rooks, and lots of other smaller birds, plus deer prints. We started off in jeans and fleeces, but very soon we were far too warm and took off the fleeces. I don’t think I have ever felt so warm outdoors in November.

Today Scout was required for the Remembrance Sunday ceremony held at the memorial followed by the church service in our village. Last year he wore an undershirt and was frozen standing in line, to the point of nearly passing out. I remember his blue lips when he came back. This year he was too warm.

The car temperature gauge reads 15.5c at 14.45 on 13th November, in the shade. We haven’t yet had a frost this year.

One is tempted to say, ‘so much for global warming, huh?’

Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

8 thoughts on “Weather be nice”

  1. Thanks for the pictures, Pseu. I miss the autumn colours here.

    I remember a few years back being in the UK in early November and wearing my ‘summer’ gear – while Bearsy was shivering in Adelaide!

  2. back to dull November today… white cloud cover, flat light, but still mild.

    There’s a saying here that lots of berries are a sign that a hard winter is on its way. How? How on earth do the trees know to produce more fruit? How can the season before last predict the winter? Very odd and not very believable. .

    Others say animal behaviour can predict a hard winter: squirrels collecting more nuts for example. That’s slightly more believable, as animals may have a sense that we humans have lost. They seemed to sense the tsunami arrival and go to higher ground for example.

    Global climate change though seems to be making everything more unpredictable.

  3. The world climate has always been changing… it’s written in the land and in the history books.

    I find it very amusing that so many documentaries about ‘lost’ civilisations are now saying that these civilisations died because of ‘climate change’ – how many cars did our ancestors drive thousands of years ago!

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