Here’s a REAL surprise – Not!

Energy-saving light bulbs leap in price

The cost of energy saving light bulbs is rising sharply ahead of the European Union ban on the traditional 60-watt bulbs.

And, what’s more…’the CFLs that are replacing them (real light bulbs, you know, the ones that actually emit light you can read by,) contain small quantities of expensive rare earth elements. Makers say that growing demand for the substances, particularly in China where they come from, has forced prices upwards.

So, we get another ‘green’ solution that doesn’t work, it hoovers more money out of the pockets of taxpayers and sends it off to China.

I’m really glad I speak Chinese – should get me a good enough job oppressing the rest of you lot when the Chinese call in our national mortgage.

10 thoughts on “Here’s a REAL surprise – Not!”

  1. I am happy to report that I don’t have one energy saving light bulb in the house.

    I detest the things.

    If I can’t find a supplier of the “proper” ones, I may have to consider gas-lights.

  2. Of course, it’s utter bullocks. I can’t wait for the green movement to die its final death, it’s been mortally wounded. As for the Chinese… I can’t take a country that phoney seriously. For all the money they have, they can’t even build a rail way or housing properly.

  3. to make these things worse when they stop working, which seems to be very regular to me, you have to dispose of them properly, not in the bin.

    So I have to go to a recycling place meaning transport and fuel either car or public. hardly green are they.

  4. I have a couple of them in my bathroom. By the time they have warmed up and giving even a half-decent light, I’ve already had the pee and turned them off again. And they are mahoosively expensive. Utter tree-hugging bolleaux.



  5. When all this nonsense started with 60W pearl bulbs being banned, I started hoarding all sorts of incandescent bulbs. We now have a cupboard full of them that should last for a good few years.

    Of the few “green” bulbs I have used, one burnt out after 3 weeks and one nearly caught fire. As well as not providing as much light, the electronics required to make them work will not last as long as the bulb. They are just yet another con!

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