A grand day out

Today we took a trip in London for the London Surrey Cycle Classic part of the ‘London Prepares’ series that replicates the route scheduled for the London Olympics in 2012. Today’s ride of 140 km did follow the route planned for the big event, but only took a couple of turns rather than the nine that will take place on the day. We had ‘Silver Wristbands’ (thank you J) which meant gaining access to the finish sprint down The Mall.

We, that is just Cyclo and me, drove into London and parked in a side street, then took the tube in, followed by a short walk. We were nodded in to the cordoned off area, where there was a lovely atmosphere. At first we found a place to sit and read the papers with a cup of coffee, but soon it was necessary to take our place along the barriers. From where we stood we could see that there were quite big crowds outside, several deep at the barriers, but we were lucky enough to have  a section of barrier to ourselves!

Looking back towards Buckingham Palace

Over the loudspeaker a commentator kept us informed of the race’s progress, but there were no screens as this event wasn’t being formally filmed. I do hope that for the real thing big screens will be in place to keep the crowds informed and interested.

When the cyclists came through, even though I was prepared I only got two shots of the main bunch… one of them approaching in the distance and one as they had nearly passed.

You can’t tell from this, but Mark Cavendish won. Woo hoo!A British Winner

Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

15 thoughts on “A grand day out”

  1. It was a real pain in the, erm, neck – screwed up transport royally. Heaven help us all next year. One thing, they cancelled some tube services because of the event. Hmm, let me see, tube underground, cycle race on the roads. let’s cancel the tube service. What’s that all about?

  2. I don’t know. Were you here? We experienced no problem with road or underground going in, but notice the news reported problems.

  3. Thousands of motorists discommoded, roads shut for 24 hours, total gridlock.
    Motoring taxpayers should discount their council tax pro rata and cyclists should be made to pay road tax.

    Short of that put their xxxxxxxx races on an offshore uninhabited island.

  4. Bravo and CO, how fortunate that you have already left, happy to lambast the UK at every turn. It is a heterodoxical feature of many expats I have met that their favourite pastime is finding fault with the UK. Is it a self-justification for leaving, I wonder?

  5. Morning Pseu

    I’m reminded of one of the advertising jingles for last years world cup ‘once in a lifetime’, they were right. They even titled the documentary with it!

    Of course their will be inconveniences, do you remember me defending the decision to award us the 2010 event in the first place, my comments on infrastructure improvements and of course my ‘reporting’ of events and matches?

    The jingle was right, it was once in a lifetime and so will the London Olympics be.

    Of course judging from what I’ve read and heard this morning yesterdays event although only a test run seemed to be policed with all the vigour of ‘over the top’ health and safety regulations but that of course appears to be the English way this days.

    To the naysayers I would just add that nothing is going to change, the event(s) will be held next year so either embrace it/them or plan a holiday for August 2012.

    Nice post by the way, seems like you had a really good time 🙂

  6. Pseu :

    I don’t know. Were you here? We experienced no problem with road or underground going in, but notice the news reported problems.

    Nym, I’m afraid the meeja are at it again, bashing everything that smacks of positive thinking and social progress.

  7. Since this was a rehearsal for next year, let’s hope the organisers learn the necessary lessons. Perhaps finding out what the Parisians do on the last day of the Tour de France would help.

  8. bravo22c :

    Janus, would you like to reconsider your sniping in light of my reply to Pseu?

    I think Janus believes that no Brit, whether living overseas or on a visit to their homeland has the right to comment on any aspect of the UK. Odd that, considering how many posts he puts up slamming the British Monarchy from his Ivory Tower in Denmark…. 🙂

    Janus Your comments are becoming OTT again – kindly desist from making personal attacks on all and sundry – or I will be going through this site with my Big Blue Pencil…

  9. I realise there will be inconveniences with staging events, and maybe there wasn’t enough warning for this one, but from our point of view it was well managed and policed – and an excellent way to see where the pitfalls are in readiness for the real thing. Shame you had problems, Bravo.

    We walked back through London to where we had parked the car via Buckingham Palace, and The Albert Memorial, among other places, stopping for a light lunch and saw huge numbers of happy faces and no problems at all. I was saddened to see the negative reporting on the 10pm news, Janus, but the press always look for the negative in a positive.

    Christina I’m so glad you weren’t here to have your life ruined by the event as I can see it would have been .

    Thank you Soutie, good reply!

  10. Consider, this was a total cock up. Anyone with half a brain would plan for the same olympic cock up next year, the roads at gridlock give an unparalleled chance for any serious terrorist attack such as 9/11.
    What chance the emergency services getting access?
    No major roads should be blocked,
    EVER, and certainly not for a pack of steroid ridden weirdos on bicycles.
    Taxpayers have paid for roads and can have reasonable expectation of being able to use them.

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