what the cat dragged in…

Found this cute baby bun trying to burrow into the bottom stair in the hallway this morning, having been brought in by cat Leo from the fields not too far away.

Fortunately he seemed completely unharmed, once he had recovered from the shock and was released back to the thick and wild hedgerow from whence he probably came.

There has been too much blood shed by the kittens but on this occasion, Leo’s handling technique was merciful.

Author: janh1

Part-time hedonist.

15 thoughts on “Look”

  1. What annoyed me was that once the cat had brought his little friend in, he then lost all interest in it, so like you we found terrified furry creatures in various places. Glad bunny made it home safely.

  2. Hi Sheona, this was a first for a living thing to be left – oh hang on, a second – i was ironing just before the hols and saw a mouse trotting about the living room. Wondered how the hell to get rid of it without Capt Sensible seeing it, and by some miracle, managed to persuade it to leave by the front door. Prayed that the neighbours wouldn’t just be arriving home to see a brown mouse climbing over the doorstep!!

    Yes he was very cute, Pseu – and very quick on his feet to disappear back under the hedge!! There’s an allotment very close to the fields and hedgerows where all the rabbits live. It must be like their supermarket!!

  3. The cats often bring interesting “presents” for me. Many times I’ve found mice, much of the time I’ve been able to save them as my bedroom is the cat’s nocturnal entrance. Sometimes they bring in birds, but one night the cat brought in something unprecedented… I heard a horrible screeching, something which seemed entirely unnatural, ungodly almost. I woke up to find a bat prostrate on its back, screeching for dear life on my bedroom floor. I went to get some tongs and picked it up that way, throwing it out.

  4. Oh Furry One, how could you even think it!! (mostly bones anyway I guess… ) πŸ˜‰

    Good grief Christopher! I’d hate the bedroom to be the dropping off point for the night’s kills. A screeching bat? That must have chilled the blood good and proper!!

  5. I too have had a bat / cat incident. It had a high pitched shriek when, thinking it was dead, I picked it up, threw in on the kitchen compost collector and then put in a tea bag….

    The rabbit the cat bought in was half eaten though….

  6. Oooh, lovely! Anyone got a spare burger-bun?

    Jan – Bats, fruit bats at least, which are the size of a Jack Russel terrier with a three foot inedible wingspan, make a perfectly accptable repast when stewed or barbied. I’ve eaten both in PNG.

    Ferret, I’ll fight you for the wabbit. πŸ™‚


  7. Barsteward! All the wabbits you left on the doorstep have been consumed and I may feel constrained to go out hunting tomorrow. The pool is ever so refreshing though. πŸ™‚


  8. Pseu, i thought bats were supposed to be ultrasonic. I would demand my money back if I were you..that bat was faulty πŸ˜‰

    Blimey this innocent little post has brought out all your predatory instincts! Down boys!!

    I love fruitbats, OZ. Only slightly smaller than a cricket bat. I should imagine they could be a lot meatier than cute ickle wabbit. πŸ˜‰

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