The UK Chart Hits 1960

They bring back memories of a smoky coffee bar in South Devon run by a Polish lady named Lil. She must have been all of 30 but seemed older to us youngsters. On a Saturday, we would sit there for hours nursing a milky coffee, sharing ciggies and playing the jukebox loaded with the latest hits. In those days, you would get five records for a shilling. She was a kind lady and would often as not, put three bob in for us and allow us to pick whatever we wanted.

Happy far off days, when knowing what was in the Top 20 seemed very important. Any of these bring back memories?

29 Jan Michael Holliday Starry Eyed 1
05 Feb Anthony Newley Why 4
10 Mar Adam Faith Poor Me 1
17 Mar Johnny Preston Running Bear 2
31 Mar Lonnie Donegan My Old Man’s A Dustman 4
28 Apr Anthony Newley Do You Mind 1
05 May Everly Brothers Cathy’s Clown 7
23 Jun Eddie Cochran Three Steps To Heaven 2
07 Jul Jimmy Jones Good Timin’ 3
28 Jul Cliff Richard and The Shadows Please Don’t Tease 4
04 Aug Johnny Kidd and The Pirates Shakin’ All Over 1
25 Aug Shadows Apache 5
29 Sep Ricky Valence Tell Laura I Love Her 3
20 Oct Roy Orbison Only The Lonely 2
03 Nov Elvis Presley It’s Now Or Never 8
29 Dec Cliff Richard and The Shadows I Love You 2

11 thoughts on “The UK Chart Hits 1960”

  1. I was not too keen on Anthony Newley or Michael Holiday (although he did sing the theme to Four Feather Falls, the original Anderson Marionation series, I think) but the rest invoke many, many memories. The Shadows,especially as my brother, my two cousins and my good self tried to emulate them, even calling ourselves the Penumbras (look it up if you don’t know 🙂 )at one point!

  2. Saw Cliff and the Shadows live in Exeter and Johnny Kidd and The Pirates in Torquay that same year.

  3. What a super blog Toc. I am pleased, and indeed proud to admit I have all the above in my music collection, 60’s and plus. The point about the songs you have noted here, are more about ‘a time remembered’, more than anything else. You don’t have to particularly like the songs themselves, its the memory each one evokes as you listen to them.
    In reality, if you’d noted each if the songs of the 60’s, you enjoyed, you’d still be sat at your computer, I’m sure 🙂

    My Grandson once said “its not my cup of tea, but I can see and hear why you love the era so much, I wish I’d been there”

  4. bravo22c :

    My children are all Helen Shapiro fans :-)

    Oh, the schoolboy fantasies. She is still lovely 🙂

  5. Hi Val,

    I just happened to be listening to the radio station ‘Gold.’ They were doing a hour of Golden Hits but without given the year. They were playing all of these. I was a year out (59). I’m normally very good at what year for the 60’s. It was a great time for music and most people of a certain age can associate songs with a year for some reason or or other.

    This is a good site.

  6. You know Toc, I was going to say that I thought that some of those songs were earlier. I am a bit too young to have indulged in pop music in 1960, but at the tender age of …. well, lets just say I remember ‘Tell Laura, I love Her’ and I was sure that it was a 50s song. I actually had it for 1958, which would have made it one of the first commercial songs that I ever heard. Its all to do with where I was when I heard it and what were the circumstances. I suppose that I will have to reprogram my memory banks to accept 1960.

  7. Toc, I was 17 in the February. What a year! ‘A’ levels in the Spring, Lake District in the holidays, university entrance in the Autumn, such ans exciting time – and the music brings it all back. Thanks.

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