S.A. Municipal Elections

Says it all

We’re voting today.

Unlike the previous 17 years where the ANC has received overwhelming majorities from the electorate it appears that opposition parties here are giving them a run for their money!

Dissatisfaction with service delivery, jobs for pals, corruption and one scandal after another, gross negligence by some has left the ruling clique more than a little nervous.

So much so that the local ANC officials have been reported as saying  that they would be happy to form a coalition if results went against them.

The current state of our council is:-

ANC 80 seats

Others 40 seats.

Why on earth we need a 120 of them in the first place is beyond me, all with offices and staff paid for by us, we used to do just fine with a quarter of that amount years ago.

I’ll keep you posted.

6 thoughts on “S.A. Municipal Elections”

  1. I think it’s called “jobs for the boys”, Soutie, or equivalent in Afrikaans. My husband worked in west Africa for a couple of years and says it’s “de rigueur” for one family member in a good job to find jobs for other family members.

  2. Is there an opposition? How has the increase in number of elected officials been justified? Nice to see it happens elsewhere too!

  3. Cuprum

    There is indeed opposition to the ANC, since ’94 they have enjoyed about two thirds of the vote. The Western Cape and Cape Town is in fact governed and administered by a non ANC majority!

    2009 general election results

    Party Votes % +/− Seats +/− from last
    +/− from before
    this election
    African National Congress 11,650,748 65.90 −3.80 264 −15 −33
    Democratic Alliance 2,945,829 16.66 +4.29 67 +17 +20
    Congress of the People[note 3] 1,311,027 7.42 +7.42 30 +30 +30
    Inkatha Freedom Party 804,260 4.55 −2.42 18 −10 −5

    The other 5.47% (21 seats) split up amongst a load of smaller parties.

    Is the increase justified? As our metropolitan area grows I suppose that the number of councilors should increase, 120 seems far too many to me.

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