16 thoughts on “One of our favourite summer drives.”

  1. Remarkable, I do enjoy your posts on the climate up where you are.

    We’re still in a drought situation (3rd year now) we had some good rains in our catchment areas recently, my local ‘dam level indicator’ rose from 31% to 38% over the last fortnight, still a long way to go

  2. To clear up the 75′
    More has actually fallen over the winter, that would be the residual left at the moment in the deepest places on the road bed, not everywhere. No doubt the bit they can’t quite get at in the middle, the highest pass area, Washington Pass which is the divide of the Cascade range. The road must be at about 5000′ the surrounding mountains about 10,000′ ish.

  3. Never will, you need the altitude.
    Look at my current pics of my garden on ‘Outdoors’, these are concurrent with those in the article.
    The difference I am at 500′ give or take and they are at 5000′!!
    When it rains here it snows there except in high summer when the freezing level moves up to about 8000′. The stuff on the top never melts, hence the glaciers. We have had the snow level at 3000′ and lower for months now, I can see the snowline out of our back door.
    At this rate those glaciers will be melting again.
    When you get that sort of snow in NW Europe it will be the next ice age and humanity will be long gone, probably bred themselves out of existence or a remnant cowering on the equator.
    Oh what a happy soul I am this morning!
    Pissing with rain AGAIN!
    Note to self, check ark progress.

  4. Jeez I’m losing it, water on the brain!
    The glaciers will be growing not melting.
    And I’ve just wasted half an hour taking a cognitive function test that says I definitely do NOT have any risk of getting alzheimers!
    What do they know?

  5. Loved studying glaciers for A-Level – never been to one though! One day, one day!

  6. You’re surrounded by so much pure dynamic GEOGRAPHY Tina. You could run field trips from your garden gate. It’s all very tedious and boring around here, although I did get a bit excited canoeing around a classic ox-bow lake off the Wye. The Cotswolds and the Malverns are pimples on a gnat’s ass compared to such magnificence.

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