Our (Autism East Cape) new home

Who would have thought it? Certainly not me!

After goodness knows how many years running Autism Eastern Cape from my dining room, we finally have a proper home. Hats off to my wife and other dedicated members, as I mentioned previously, we (eventually) got a lottery grant, we’ve spent the money wisely, a full time field worker, a car, office equipment and furnishings but now… a new home!

Not really a ‘new’ home, but a proper home! A home where concerned family members have easy access, a home not 100 meters from Quest school, a home on a main thoroughfare, a home where the telephones are permanently staffed and a properly qualified person will talk to you.

As a wrote the Chairman’s report for this years AGM I quoted Neil Armstrong, “one small step for man….” and emphasized that just as the moon landing didn’t end space exploration our successes this year are just that, the culmination of years of hard work but just a small step forward towards our ultimate goal.

Here’s my entry to this months photo comp ๐Ÿ™‚

Our new "home"

11 thoughts on “Our (Autism East Cape) new home”

  1. So you offer support to parents of children at where ever they are on the spectrum? Aspergers as well?

  2. Pseu :

    So you offer support to parents of children at where ever they are on the spectrum? Aspergers as well?

    Absolutely Pseu.

    Aspergers, Savants, Retts, PDD, all of them.

    We have been able to create a network over the last 10 years of doctors, psychologists, therapists, dieticians, educators and last but not least other parents.

    Not being medical experts ourselves, one of our organisation’s aim is to assist parents move forward.

    10 years ago, no Doctor in the Eastern Cape was even able to even give a reasonable diagnosis, the nearest ‘experts’ that anybody would recognize were in Cape Town or Joburg, we’ve already changed that!

    As you are probably aware, the successful treatment of children with Autism depends on early diagnosis and intervention.

  3. My congratulations to you and all who played their part, this is excellent news, and so well deserved. Good luck for now and the future in your new home.

  4. Well, there’s too many of you to thank, but a collective thank you to all who’ve taken the time to open this post and wish us well!

    There’s more, lots more, I’ll be keeping you all posted (whether you like it or not ๐Ÿ˜Ž )

  5. HI Soutie, excellent news – that is your response to my question above.

    My current interest is in those who manage quite well in the real world so that their autistic problems are to a certain extent ‘hidden’ – but their social skills and differences make them a ‘misfit’, and how we can help to integrate them and educate about this so that schools etc are more understanding.

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