Plea for help – calling all gardeners!

I do not profess any knowledge or ability in the world of gardening – much to the shame of my mother! My wife is keen and enjoys pottering about and finds it relaxing whenever she finds time. She has produced a very pretty little cottage garden with lots of things with wonderful Latin names. The roses are beautiful and there are some lovely grasses in tubs.

I have one responsibility only….the tiny patch of grass called a lawn. I have to confess, I like a good lawn. I like it to have nice stripes up and down and I am a little fussy about getting neat edges. But, I have no skills or talent! Yesterday, a lovely quiet sunny and mild Saturday, I set about the first cut of the year. Moss was everywhere but that’s ok. The patches of brown grass where my old lady dog makes use for her ablutions, fine. What I can’t stand is the bumpiness and lumpiness! I know the lawn was only laid 6 years ago, but I am getting irked by the fact it seems to get lumpier every year! My electric mower keeps cutting into the earth as I push it up and down it’s so bad! This year it seems even worse 😦

Should I just chuck top soil in the low bits? Well, that hasn’t worked so far! That’s the extent of my attempts to solve the problem. I’m not a fan of internet surfing so haven’t tried looking there for ideas yet – and I’d really rather not!

Please, please, calling all charioteers – any ideas please? It is only a small patch of lawn – 5m by 15m.

12 thoughts on “Plea for help – calling all gardeners!”

  1. I think most lawns are a bit lumpy after the winter, but a layer of top soil does help. The garden centres sell something similar with something added to it, to promote new growth in the dips. For a good stripe a mower with a roller is best I reckon. On the other hand, always remember, as the year goes on, lawns nearly always recover to an almost bowling green lusciousness, nearly, anyway.
    Good luck.

  2. Thanks Val! I suspected a trip to a garden centre may be an option! You are right, it does tend to improve through the summer, but it just seemed a lot worse this spring. I fancy a night visit to the local cricket pitch to ‘borrow’ their roller may be on the cards too!

  3. I’m not much of a lawn person but the roller idea is a good one cuprum. Or borrow someone’s petrol mower which has a good heavy roller on it for the next few cuts before the ground goes too dry?

  4. Criss-cross the yard with two diagonal strings, then get your hands on a shovel and remove all the high bits, should only take you a couple of hours, place whatever soil you take on the low bits and bob’s your uncle.

    Bob’s your uncle = You beaut, everything is perfect 🙂

  5. I would add if you have to reseed areas do not buy the expensive stuff from garden centres, buy the cheap stuff from Wilco’s or similar, it is hardier and seeds faster.

    I did our front lawn last year, now it is the greenest and thickest we have ever had.

  6. If you want bowling/green quality, you need to use a roller and the best seed and wangle a visit from our resident bowler, JM, who will doubtless know athing or too about it,in his opinion.

  7. I agree about the roller. Surely they are available to rent?
    Why it is worse this year- it is caused by frost heave from such a bad cold winter.
    If the grass is a specific variety such as fescue you must reseed with the same variety. If a common or garden mixed lawn any cheap seed will do as it will be ryegrass or have a large proportion therein.
    Personally I would not topdress with more soil as yet, not the solution to this problem or right time of year.

  8. Thank you everyone! Hard work ahead, I shall keep you updated. Apologies for lack of replies – my computer has been a little difficult of late

  9. Just saw this and would like to ask if your lawn has thicker blades of grass where the lumps are, if you have you mite be the victim of couch grass. Which is bad because this can spread, you need to ask someone to look who knows. If you have basicly you need to spray with a systemic narrow leaf weed killer, or if you don’t like chemicals ,dig the clumps out infill an reseed

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