Quick petrol price survey

I’ve just filled up with petrol, we’ve had monthly increases for 5 or 6 months now.

Our petrol and diesel prices are regulated by the government and adjusted on the 1st Wednesday of each month, the two variables being the Brent crude price and dollar exchange rate.

This month’s hike also included a tax increase announced in our recent Budget.

R9.18 / litre at today’s exchange rate would be about US$ 1.33 ( £0.82 )

I have a feeling that these latest increases are going to hurt our and your economies severely in the near future.

I was wondering what do others around the world pay?

Conversions to US$ or £ would be appreciated.


32 thoughts on “Quick petrol price survey”

  1. Hi, Soutie. 95 grade fuel is Pounds 1.25 a litre in Denmark. but the sun is out and we can walk!

  2. Mornin’ Soutie,

    At my local this morning it was £1.35 ($2.20) petrol and £1.37 ($2.23) diesel.

    If I go to one of the big supermarkets, I can shave 2 pence per litre off that price.

    Unfortunately it appears Yazz was right when she sang ‘The Only Way is Up’. 😦

  3. Diesel £1.47 Petrol £1.43 LPG £0.82 in Moray.
    A far cry from filling a 100 litre tank with petrol in Kuwait for the equivalent of £6.00.
    When I converted the gas-guzzler to LPG, a few years ago, it was £0.35 a litre…

  4. A couple of weeks ago in France petrol was up at 1.50 euro per litre, while diesel was 1.29 euro, which is what it was in October.

  5. Aussie leadfree, 10% alcohol (that most of us use in Queensland) has recently bounced up to £0.93/litre, having been roughly £0.75/litre for quite a while. 😦

  6. CWJ – ouch! I shall stop complaining!

    £1.29 unleaded, £1.33 diesel as of this morning at Tescos. We have one car of each type to even out the odds! I wonder does your government adjustment work? There’s talk of the ConLibs bringing one in here….

  7. £1.36 a litre this morning for Diesel. And a toff in the government said in the DT, be prepared for the £4.00 litre. This tells me that it may get up to about £2.00 a litre so we can all cheer and say, well at least it’s not £4.00, as predicted.
    The bonus for me is that if it rises to such a point a lot of the oiks will come of the road, leaving more space for me, Huzzha!

  8. Interesting how the taxation varies from country to country.

    Of course the relative prices are all about affordability how long does it take you to earn enough for a litre of petrol is probably the correct comparison.

    With a non existent public transport system here and all alternatives being ‘oil driven’ I have a feeling that we might be seeing a bit of resistance down here shortly.

    Cuprum asks if the “government adjustment works”, its been this way as long as I can remember, certainly since the oil crisis of the ’70’s.

    Our big supermarkets are begging for a change, they want to get in and discount fuel which could result in our independents closing, the loss of jobs (pump attendants) would be catastrophic, it will never happen. I’m happy with that.

  9. Ferret, no 6
    it was accurate for he ones I checked locally, but it requires folk to update them.

  10. Today in sunny Maryland

    10% Ethanol Regular $3.39 per US Gallon

    All Per Litre

    US $ 0.89
    Rand 6.0

    Thieves the lot of them, this stuff has been in the pipes for weeks.

  11. Soutie: Pump attendants have been extinct here for lo these many years, prices are competitive at the “Street Corner” level. All big retailers have electronic signs which change prices several times A DAY, and can vary as much as $0.20 per gallon in a few miles. Cheapest gas is at 711, Wawa and the other convenience store chains, generally cheaper in the South and Midwest then the North and Coasts (taxes vary by state). Diesel is comparable in price to high octane gas, now $4.00 per US gallon (50 ppm sulfur regulations added almost $0.50 per gal in 2010)

    $4.00 is the magic number here according to the economist (they have been wrong about everything else) that’s when people take to the streets, or the gov’mint starts getting serious about the Marcellus shale.

  12. Last evening in San Francisco it was $3.89 per US gallon. That translates to £2.39 per US gallon, or just below 60p per quart. In South African terms it is 26.56 rand per gallon, 6.64 rand per quart. That is not, however, indicative of prices in California as a whole as San Francisco has higher taxes in relative terms than the rest of the state, and the state as a whole has higher taxes than most other states.

  13. Low Wattage :

    Soutie: Pump attendants have been extinct here for lo these many years,.

    I had three attendants at my car as I filled up this morning. One chatting to me as he manned the pump, one washing my windscreen and another checking my tyre pressure! I was also asked if I wanted my oil and water checked but I’d had that done last week.

    I recall reading that there are over 40,000 of them nationwide, that’s a lot of breadwinners, it does make the stop a rather civilised affair, I’ve done the self service thing when visiting the UK, hated every minute of it.

  14. Soutie: I had become accustomed to self service until a local tribe opened their own petrol station and hired people to wash car windows and man the pumps! I was quite taken aback by someone walking up and washing the windscreen!

  15. Indeed Soutie,

    I was impressed by the forecourt service I received in Turkey last year, it is just as you say a far more civilised affair.

    I have long maintained that pump attendant could be one of the posts that dole scroungers could be offered in exchange for their DSS handouts. It is hardly a demanding role and requires little supervision. Customers will soon let a proprietor know if they are not happy.

    At least we the general public would be getting a service out of the tax schekels we stuff in to the pot every year. Those garages fostering the scheme would be favoured over those without, and since the cost to the operator would be minimal, it would be win win for them.

  16. Now, now Ferret. Would you trust a dole scrounger with a flammable liquid?

    On a more serious point, not that burning to death is frivilous, the rising cost of petrol is worrying. I thought the truckers would have been moved to action.

  17. Jay Dubya,

    Furry nuff.

    What is even more worrying than the rising base cost of oil, is the fact that the gubmint seem hellbent on increasing their percentage take on the pump price, compounding the issue even further.

    Hardly amazing at the end of the year when oil companies declare record profits if they simply pass any old expense on to the end user. They never seem to be in much of a rush to drop the prices either when the good times come around.

  18. Hello Soutie: There is at least one State here that does require pump attendants for gasoline sales – New Jersey, oddly enough the gas there is cheaper there than in Maryland.

  19. In Portugal, 95 octane is today 1.52 Euros (approximately 1.31 Sterling in proper money) per litre and expected to go to two.

    Why is diesel more expensive in the UK than petrol? What kind of scam is that?


  20. Here in Zim fuel is about US$ 1.33 a litre.

    We too have a carbon tax. In addtition, all major roads have what are euphemistically called toll booths. Highway robbery more like it. Very little maintenance is afforded to the roads which are in appalling condition, though, to be fair there are marginally fewer potholes than there were when I was her in April last year. One pays US$1 to enter or leave every major conurbation. The notes in circulation in this country are filthy beyond description. However, the US government has apparently recognised Zimbabwe as a dollar based economy and has agreed to replace ageing new notes with fresh ones. Hopefully they will give us some coins as well. At the moment, any change under a $1 is give in sweets or credit or is just ignored. OK for big ticket items, but irritating when you want to buy a litre of milk. It also means car parking attendants do not get the tips they might expect.

    Somehow this country manages to work. I am enjoying my stay here immensely, though it is not for the faint-hearted.

  21. Howzit sipu

    Petrol and electricity and internet connectivity, all on the same day? Things must be looking up.

    Love the tolling idea, perhaps I’ll erect one outside my house 😉

    $1.33, same as here, cheaper if you compare to inland, where does it come from, here or Mozambique?

  22. Hi Soutie. I think much of it comes from Moz, but where ever traders can get it.

    You can get a lot of stuff here. People are extremely enterprising. Minerals are being exported to generate forex and the money circulates through the system. The biggest problem here is the complete lack of certainty with regards to land or even commercial ownership. People are unwilling to invest in infrastructure, repairs and maintenance if their assets are going to be taken away at some point.

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