“No more Dictators” Demonstration – report from the Front!

Saturday afternoon strolling towards and through George Square in Glasgow, I noticed a few banner-carrying pedestrians heading in its direction, and a number of police, in twos, converging on the square. What’s going on? I asked a couple of young policemen. A demo in favour of the opposition in Libya and so on, they told me.
By the time we returned through George Square, the demo was in full swing – a good natured small bunch of demonstrators, watched by just two police constables, of which one was female – the only ones in sight within a half mile of George Square. Now, that is sensible policing.

We leave serious rioting in Glasgow to Celtic/Rangers supporters and other native hooligans…

Author: coldwaterjohn

CWJ travelled extensively with his family, having worked in eleven countries over thirty years. A keen photographer, holding a Private Pilot's Licence, he focuses mainly on landscape and aerial imagery. Having worked in the Middle East extensively he follows developments in that region with particular interest, and views with growing concern, the radicalisation flowing from Islamic fundamentalism, and the intolerance for opposing views, stemming from it.

6 thoughts on ““No more Dictators” Demonstration – report from the Front!”

  1. These demonstrators were out to make their point and were not rent-a-mob just there to cause trouble.

  2. Ah, the delights of living with the right to free speech! Just as long as it isn’t football or religion!

  3. Where’s that then, Cuprum? Not in the UK, certainly. šŸ˜¦
    Not allowed to defame pooftas, or Mozzies, nor criticise the iniquitous EAW …
    Oh, you meant Australia, did you? šŸ˜Ž

  4. I felt inclined to blog it precisely because it was entirely peaceful, so very unlikely to be covered by the media, always desperate for stories of mad muslims smashing buildings, injured demonstrators, police brutality, and whatever else passes for exciting reporting in the UK.

  5. CWJ – how refreshing – I totally endorse your sentiments.

    Bearsy – now now! Just because you live in Utopia! What’s wrong with mosquitoes anyway? šŸ˜‰

  6. There was a very small and well-mannered demonstration against the increase in tuition fees by the students in Henley.

    The press turned out, well the local Henley Standard, but I didn’t spot any police at all.
    Not that there was anything to “police”; rent-a-mob probably thought it was all too tame to bother with.

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