Whacko of the week.

Andrew Mitchell, International Development Secretary, who said British taxpayers will continue to give money to help the poorest people in India despite the Asian giant’s booming economy with its own space programme.

Are we being taken for idiots, or what?


5 thoughts on “Whacko of the week.”

  1. He lost me somewhere along the line of his argument that there were more poor people in India (under $5? per day income) than the entire population of sub-saharan Africa, or the population of the UK. I was sitting here wondering what that had to do with anything. India is 88th on the world rankings in terms of population poercentage below the poverty line – i.e. there are 87 countries with a worse percentage of their population below the poverty line. I think what he was implying was that in sheer numbers’ terms, 23% of its population of 1,155,347,678, is a whole lot of people. He then switched to referring to some Millenium Goal target and the National Security Council. Who’s National Security Council, and what does that have to do with the UK?

  2. It is a ‘sneaky’ plan!

    As long as there is a huge difference between the living standards in developed and underdeveloped / emerging countries people from the latter areas will seek to migrate to the former. It’s probably a good idea to support them in their own countries rather than to deal with them when they seek residence elsewhere.

    Mind you, the way Governments dish out the money to these places it won’t be long before there is little difference… 🙂

  3. In India, you are talking about a country that has a more comprehensive nuclear and space program than the UK. How about the Indians doing a bit of prioritisation themselves?

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