Bulging Bivalves Bringing Beaucoup Bucks

According to the Wall Street Journal, business is booming for purveyors of the World’s largest bivalve.

Geoducks (pronounced Gooeyducks) are being sold for record prices and the Squamish and other native Americans, harvesting them from Puget Sound in the Northwest are selling them to the Chinese in time for their new years celebration. They sell for up to $1 per ounce and a big one can weigh 30 pounds so that’s close to 500 dollars each, a lot of clams for one clam.

They are considered an aphrodisiac by the Chinese, I can’t think why, maybe it’s because of the way they taste.

Anyway the full story is here.

Author: Low Wattage

Expat Welshman, educated (somewhat) in UK, left before it became fashionable to do so. Now a U.S. Citizen, and recent widower, playing with retirement and house remodeling, living in Delaware and rural Maryland (weekends).

5 thoughts on “Bulging Bivalves Bringing Beaucoup Bucks”

  1. I agree Araminta. There are some foods that are better not looked at ‘au naturel’… fare better sliced up, cooked and put on my plate!

  2. I love dishes like octopus rice and all kinds of dishes containing bivalves, molluscs, shellfish and the like. This beastie would take a fair bit of rice, but I’d give it a go. Bring it on!


  3. I’ve often seen these in tanks in restaurants in HK and other points East, but never been tempted to try. I don’t eat filter feeders – when I was a boy in Deal, the best cockles were found downstream of the sewer outlet in Pegwell Bay…

    (I make an exception for mussels ‘cos I love ’em.)

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