Dewani extradition, Max claims torture

While reading my Sunday Times and searching for additional material yesterday I found this:-
The UK’s extradition agreement with South Africa does not require authorities from that country to provide “prima facie” evidence – that is, a summary of the prosecution case.

They only need to state that there is initial suspicion of an offence for there to be sufficient grounds for extradition – unless Mr Dewani’s lawyers can find reasons why he should not be sent back.

It is likely that they will argue that Mr Dewani’s human rights would be seriously compromised if he were to be extradited to South Africa for trial, and if extradition were granted his lawyers are likely to lodge a series of appeals that could end up in the European Court of Human Rights. Recent statements from figures of authority in South Africa have fuelled fears among Mr Dewani’s family that he has already been condemned by many in the country, and that a fair trial would be impossible.

That would perhaps explain why Mr Clifford is quoted in the Sunday Times (here and here) as;

It’s obviously a great concern and a great worry to his family – are they going to take him and torture him and put plastic bags over his head and do this and do that? Because he is in a very fragile state as it is.”
He went on;
“If Shrien and his family totally believe that he’s not going to be tortured… and the chief of police is not going to be beating a confession out of him, or whatever, then yes he wants the truth to come out.”
It would appear that the only way to prevent extradition is to sow the seed of police brutality, torture and human rights (Shrien’s not Anni’s of course) I have a feeling that Max Clifford perhaps senses that the game is up and is starting to clutch at straws!
Meanwhile, here’s the cartoon from our largest selling Sunday paper
Zapiro 23/01/2011

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