Dewani extradition hearing

Our news has reported that Shrien Dewani couldn’t attend today’s hearing because he is suffering from “acute stress disorder”, I’m not really surprised, I’ve often attended court for simple traffic violations and I must admit it makes one quite nervy, I would imagine that a murder accusation would be pretty nerve wracking!

It was also reported that today’s hearing was a mere formality, expected to last ‘only minutes’ and to set a date for the hearing of evidence.

February 8 appears to be D-Day.

Our news also mentioned that Dewani was negotiating a return on his own terms, they mentioned guaranteed bail and freedom of movement as some of his conditions.

Our police commissioner Bheki Cele (he of the now famous monkey quote) announced that a motive has been established and that the motive will be presented at the hearing.

February, March and April are really lovely times to visit The Cape.

4 thoughts on “Dewani extradition hearing”

  1. Thanks for the update, Soutie.

    Yes, it will be interesting find out his motive.

    I’ve been in a courtroom many times but never in the “dock”. It can be an unnerving process, and quite intimidating if you have never appeared in one before.

  2. Well, if I’d (allegedly) offed my new bride days after getting married I might be a bit twitchy too.

    Suffering, or claiming to suffer from something as subjective and therefore non-diagnosable as ‘acute stress disorder’ is the sort of bull***t you can get away with in British courts these days.


  3. I suppose if one assumes he is guilty then, yes, it could be called bunkum.

    He is, however, innocent until proven guilty, and just imagine for one moment that he is innocent, would one be exactly calm and collected?

    It may well be bunkum, but there again, it may not.

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