13 thoughts on “Very Funny”

  1. Back in the 90’s I had a mate who was doing the job. He gave my wife and a couple of Dutch friends who were visiting a private tour. I have to say, his spiel was a lot more formal than this guys. I think they have six months to learn their stuff before they are allowed to perform for the general public.

  2. Hi toc.

    Just finished watching all four. Hugely enjoyable. I like the start of Part 111 when he asks them – ‘Has anyone not been insulted yet?’ That’s just after he’s asked them to think tactically, adding that they should try it even if they were a woman and that any blond women should get a man to think for them.

    The man is a brilliant comic. I would not be surprised if he gets ‘discovered’ and goes on to greater things.

    Mind, he might get sacked first, given his magnificently disparaging comments about the gift shop and the new Memorial to the Executed.

  3. I’m told that my great uncle was a Yeoman Warden. I’ll bet he wasn’t as funny as this guy!

    I tell everyone who’s contemplating a trip to the Tower to take the guided tour. I’ve been on several occasions – and they’ve all been highly amusing, and very informative.

  4. Toc: What a great find. The guy is a natural. As Bravo says, it is well worth watching the whole series. The bits about the gift shop and the Crown Jewels ring especially true!!

  5. Samuel Wood :

    Truly excellent! Thanks for sharing.

    Hello Samuel. I have just had a look at your blog site and then the stunning photographs taken by Fraser Ross. Look forward to seeing some of yours when you put them up.

  6. Talking of irreverent comments: a blonde school girl was shown the tomb of the Unknown Soldier 1914 – 18. ” He wasn’t very old, was he?”

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