The bedfellows Airfix and Bostik

My son’s fiancé has an unnatural obsession with the film Titanic starring Leonardo DiCaprio. She’s watched it innumerable times. To keep in her good books my son has to sit and suffer through it when she gets the notion to replay it again. Unfairly, she won’t watch Resident Evil with him.
Moving on.
The other day they came in from a day of shopping and I nearly choked on my iceberg lettuce when I saw what they had bought. She had a huge model kit of the Titanic that she was going to assemble. As model kits go this was enormous.

“I love that film,” she said.

“I know,” I replied.

She took the set home with her and I breathed a sigh of relief. This relief was short-lived. My son produced a box of a model fighter jet and said “I’ve never had one of these before. This could be interesting.”

Too right. Let me take you back to when I was a boy. Not that long ago, truth told. One Christmas my parents got me an Airfix kit. Now I was too young to mess about with glue and little footery things and my dad must have over-looked this when it was being wrapped up. He had to sit with me and painstakingly make the model. Can’t remember what it was but I’d hazard a guess at it being a fighter jet. From what I can recall I did the odd piece and got glue on my jumper. Only Bostik and not super glue, thankfully.

With all this in mind I have always vetoed getting my boys these kits. So they have grown up in ignorance of this type of do-it-yourself toy. Now there was a live one in the house. Sure as Josie, not long after opening the package my son asked for help. This was a bonding session I could have done without.

After two hours I couldn’t take it any longer. Some of the pieces were not gelling and we figured that the plane could do without some of the vents and other small parts. Hastily, we threw it together and we didn’t do well. It would have been given a poor score on the Generation Game.

Epilogue- I got a phone call from my son’s fiancé’s dad. He was unhappy. His daughter was on Facebook and he was left to mind the ship. I said I was too busy to go over.

Here’s the plane that brought me to my knees. For the military ones on here, the catalogue includes a Mosquito, Lancaster, Vulcan, Typhoon and plenty more.

11 thoughts on “The bedfellows Airfix and Bostik”

  1. You must have been too young, JW. Airfix was ace. I remember making a Handley Page Halifax bomber and dad being really annoyed because I wanted to do it all by myself when he was *itching* to help.

  2. I used to love them.

    I used to buy the series one and two kits with my pocket money. At one point I had a whole squadron of SA Bulldogs hanging from my ceiling, along with the compulsory Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane combo. 🙂

    My greatest bug bear was getting any UHU on the clear plastic parts, canopies, lights etc. That ruined my week if it happened.

  3. I used to love making models. There was a a whole load of ‘historical people’ models one could buy. I spent hours making them, and painting them – thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I’ll own to looking in model shops on occasions now – but alas all that seems to be on offer these days are boats, planes and cars – and I’m not interested in those!

  4. Good morning all,

    It seems I’m in a minority regarding the making of miniatures. I just don’t have the patience for it. If there’s a model you like would it not be easier to buy it ready made? Along the lines of the, This is one we did earlier catchphrase.

    I’ve inserted a picture of the box. Can’t find the finished article, my son’s probably thrown it out. I’m not a military guy and don’t know much about the Harrier GR3. I’ve got a copy of the Modelzone catalogue in my hands right now and it is quite extensive. As well as planes, trains and automobiles there are some Star Wars replicas. I’ll stick to the films.
    Mind you, if there’s a battleship model kit out there…

  5. I am with you TR, I never had the patience for that sort of stuff. Toys in our family always met with accidents of a pyrotechnic nature. Boy did we know how to make guns, bombs, explosions and fires.

  6. I used to make the odd Airfix kit, but preferred making flying balsa ones. It is all a lot easier now. many flying models are made from shaped expanded polyurethane or similar.

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