A note for Bearsy and Bo

I note today that the US has already offered Australia assistance through diplomatic channels (Wikileaks not withstanding) as announced by the State dept.

I must say, to have offered help too early would have looked more like assuming an inability to cope which is obviously not the case.  Timing is sometimes a rather difficult area to get right.  After all, no one wants to be lumped in the same club as Haiti! (drowning not withstanding!!) I hope this satisfies you that others were not totally insensitive to your adverse weather events.

Author: christinaosborne

Landed on one side safely.

5 thoughts on “A note for Bearsy and Bo”

  1. Hi CO, I saw that and am inclined to agree. Offering assistance too early gives the impression that you think the other is incompetent.

  2. G’day Christina – thanks for this. News of Hilary’s offer has just reached our local news media, although there are, as yet, no details. I had to search to find the references, which do not feature on the main pages.

  3. Evidently she was merely making public what had been offered previously in private, as it should be!
    No details of timing here either.

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