The monkey got bail

Murdered in Cape Town

“Three, six, nine
The goose drank wine
The monkey chewed tobacco on the streetcar line
The line broke, the monkey got choked
And they all went to heaven in a little row boat

clap hands”…etc

Anybody heard from Max lately?

(DT report)

The monkey is not considered a flight risk, we’ll wait for the British justice system to run it’s course.

12 thoughts on “The monkey got bail”

  1. The monkey is not considered a flight risk,

    So, we can expect him to have it away on his toes in short order, then. Unless, of course, he is innocent…

  2. Howzit Bravo
    I understand that even Obama was threatened by the little blighters on his recent trip

  3. There may be a positive side to this. The fact that Bheki Cele, the Commissioner of Police, described a man of another race as a ‘monkey’ may mean that the next time a white person describes the behaviour of a black South African as being like that of a monkey, he may not be prosecuted. As it stands, even when the term is used affectionately, as in you ‘cheeky little monkey’, black activists are quick to cry ‘RACIST’. It is very tedious.

  4. Well, yes, I think we shall just see how this pans out, Soutie.

    I have a certain amount of faith in the English Legal System, and forgive me, but I am really wondering if I have the same amount of faith in the legal system of South Africa.

    I really don’t know much about it, so please bear with me on this. The statement made by your Commissioner of Police does not inspire confidence.

  5. Ara

    Bheki Cele, the Commissioner of Police isn’t a policeman but a political appointee!

    He has nothing to do with the judiciary nor the prosecution, his predecessor Jackie Selebi is currently serving 15 years for bribery and corruption.

    To be honest I have more faith in our judiciary and the sentences they hand out then yours.

  6. Soutie :

    To be honest I have more faith in our judiciary and the sentences they hand out then yours.

    Morning Soutie, I am not sure that I agree with you. I think both systems are equally feeble. I would just use the political interference in the Travel Gate, Zuma, Schabir Sheik, Glen Agliotti cases as examples. Mind you, the British legal system sucks too. My respect for the law, pretty much anywhere in the world, declines on a daily basis.

  7. Hee hee Sipu, howzit

    I deliberately included the bit about ‘sentences’ in my statement.

    I just found it an affront that our judiciary be called into question by someone who has never been here or experienced it!

    I would have left Sheik of the list, he did after all get 15 years, the politicians let him go, perhaps we could substitute Mark thatcher?

  8. Hi Soutie, yes, I did note your sentencing comment. I suppose what I am concerned about is not the judiciary in isolation, but combined with the political interference, i.e. the Legal System as a whole. I listened to a lot of Justice Squire’s summing up of the Sheik case and felt that he did an admirable job. (And I would know 😉 ) But then politics got involved. Zuma was not prosecuted although he was, by Squires’s definition, guilty. In the Agliotti case the hit men all got off for plea bargaining and then Agliotti himself was found not guilty, as a result of a bungled prosecution. (Though a mutual friend insisted that while he was Mafia, he was not a murderer). It is a bit rude of Ara to leap to such conclusions, not knowing the place, but I suppose she was perhaps being loyal to the UK by putting it ahead.

    As for Scratcher, I cannot find anybody in this town who has a good thing to say about him. And many people did know him. The whole plot was conceived here in the leafy suburbs of Constantia. Shortly before the s*** hit the fan, I went to a NY party at the house of one of the conspirators. He has since left the country!

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