Honeymoon murder update

I note that the judge presiding over the Dewani extradition application is Senior District Judge Howard Riddle (who also presided the Assenge application), Riddle is reported as saying: ‘Either Mr Dewani over a period of time plotted the murder of his wife or he is one of the tragic victims of this incident.’

Murdered in Cape Town

Judge Riddle added ‘It is clear there is evidence that has been put before me and on the face of it, and I put it no higher than that, evidence on which a trial could evidently proceed.’ (Mail)

The Telegraph report that ‘Dewani withdrew some £1,000 in cash in the days before the murder, including £800 on the eve of the shooting.’

And now The Sun claim ‘HONEYMOON murder suspect Shrien Dewani was seen on CCTV paying cash to the cabbie who claims the millionaire Briton arranged the killing of his bride. Footage from a camera at a posh Cape Town restaurant recorded a private meeting between the care home tycoon and driver Zola Tongo after wife Anni’s death.’

The bails conditions apparently;

£250,000 surety
Surrender passport
10am – 2pm curfew
Agree to be tagged.

Is £250 000 a normal amount for this sort of thing, doesn’t sound much to me for a supposed multi-millionaire?

Barrister Ben Watson is representing the South African authorities, sounds like a high powered lawyer specialising in extradition cases, good, we need to get to the bottom of this no matter what the cost.

9 thoughts on “Honeymoon murder update”

  1. Ay Oop Soutie,

    The fact that he withdrew in cash exactly the ammount claimed by the taxi driver to have been the bung is a bit of a smoking gun isn’t it?

    It’s fishy and no mistake. I hope they get to the truth of it quickly but Sadly I doubt they will. Once expensive lawyers become involved, everything seems to hit treacle.

  2. How many murders of wives on honeymoon by the husband or at his instigation, have taken place in the last century, I wonder?
    I can understand a man may feel like commissioning such a crime a few years into a relationship, and vice versa, but let’s have a reality check on this.

  3. CWJ,

    How many muslim women have been murdered in the UK for no reason other than they supposedly brought shame on their family/spouse?

    It is of no use to place traditional western values on the dealings of muslims. To them it seems women are one up from slaves. This needs to be heard in a court of law and the sooner the better.

  4. Ferret

    You’re right – and some of them have been murdered so that the husband can retain their dowry. I listened to a British lawyer who acted on behalf of Asian divorced women trying to get their dowries returned. Apparently it was quite difficult since, of course, British law does not recognise the dowry system.

  5. Your comment about not placing ‘traditional western values’ on Asian (not just Muslim) dealings is spot on Ferret. I can imagine that I might well pay someone to murder my new husband on our honeymoon in a country where I could find a taxi driver to ‘do’ the deed if I had been forced to marry a man I loathed.

  6. I’ve spent the afternoon with a couple of local trial lawyers, they tell me that the appeal has been upheld and that he’ll remain in custody.

    I’m off to corroborate 😉

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