Martine & Ségo

Having read many negative remarks in England about President Sarkozy, I thought that you might like to consider the alternative. The picture shows Martine Aubry, leader of the French Socialist Party, alongside Ségoléne Royal, in the jacket, who stood against Sarkozy for the presidency. I seem to recall someone in England remarking that she added glamour to the contest.

Martine Aubry was, of course, the minister in the last Socialist government that introduced the near ruinous 35 hour week. It is said that she later claimed not really to have believed in the measure, but was reluctant to rock the boat. Such qualities of leadership are rare: thank goodness. For her part, Ségoléne dropped a number of clangers when overseas, most memorably perhaps when visiting China. She praised the Chinese for the efficiency of their legal system which dealt with cases far more quickly than the French courts. Mmmm!

Perhaps this will help fellow bloggers to understand why I am pleased that Sarkozy won.

Author: tomkilcourse

A sceptical Mancunian who dislikes pomposity and rudeness.

6 thoughts on “Martine & Ségo”

  1. Strikes (!) me the frogs chose the less worse last time and will probably go for even worse next time. Sarko is getting nowhere fast.

  2. I was disappointed that Segolene Royal did not win the 2007 presidential elections…I liked a lot of her policies. Personally speaking, she struck a chord with me, as with many friends/family in France.
    Sarkozy, on the other hand, always had a reputation for being tough on crime and issues of national security, so his latest initiatives have come as no surprise to many.

  3. When you see these two beauties, you can see why Sarko could win again. Though apparently Strauss-Kahn could beat Sarkozy if he gave up the IMF to run as a socialist candidate. No prizes for guessing why Sarkozy nominated him for the IMF job then.

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