The week that was and the week that is to come.

On Saturday the 7th of August my da and I drove with a full ute  to San Francisco in order for me to move into the flat that was, my contract, mine for at least a year. Upon arriving at the leasing company’s office I was informed that they had no record of it and that, in fact, the lease was invalid as the lease agent who signed it was, according to the new lease agent, in no authority to sign it as her company no longer owned the property when she did so. Having just spent 4 hours on the road and 30 minutes trying desperately to find a loo I was somewhat less than clear in my thoughts when this news was delivered. Worse, even, the flat was occupied by the new property manager! Since the lease was not valid, the nice young lady said, there was absolutely no way they could require him to move. Instead, a smaller, cheaper, less desirable flat in the same building was offered to me. In a state of panic and confusion I signed the second lease and went to inspect it. It was, in short, simply unliveable. The carpet was tattered and taped down. The walls were peeling lead paint and wall paper. I could not, under any circumstance, content myself to living in those conditions for any period of time. After rescheduling a delivery of furniture from IKEA my da and I drove back across California to the small mountain town where I am, once again, sitting. My father, more cynical than even I — and such a thing IS possible — had me investigate the issue further. By Monday afternoon the situation had changed drastically. After discussing the matter with the San Francisco Rent Board and the Housing Rights Commission of San Francisco I found out that the original lease was, in fact, legally binding AND valid and that the second lease was, in fact, void. Since I only signed it under false pretences and under emotional duress the contract simply would not hold up under California law. At the moment I am in the process of working with a solicitor in order to have the second lease voided and my deposit/first month’s rent returned to me. I have hotel rooms booked for the following six days and will look for a new place to live then. I have written one woman who has a basement flat for rent and have written another man who has a small, but fully furnished, flat to rent. Once this is sorted I will let you all know the details.

Author: Christopher-Dorset

A Bloody Kangaroo

7 thoughts on “The week that was and the week that is to come.”

  1. Fingers crossed this will be resolved quickly and painlessly. Also you may be able to claim for additional costs: extra travel and hotel rooms don’t come cheaply.

  2. bravo22c :

    Bummer, Christopher. Keep us posted – can you get your hotel expenses and stuff back from the Rental Agency?

    San Francisco is well known for being a tenant-friendly city. If I choose to pursue it in small claim’s court I could probably get most or all of it back. The important thing for me, however, is just to be able to get the $2,150 I had to pay for the original flat back. If that happens I will let it go.

  3. What a mess – but thank goodness San Francisco is tenant-friendly. Good Luck with your claim and your search. Finding the right ‘environment’ is important – I’ve ‘existed’ in a few dumps – but not for long!

  4. boadicea :

    What a mess – but thank goodness San Francisco is tenant-friendly. Good Luck with your claim and your search. Finding the right ‘environment’ is important – I’ve ‘existed’ in a few dumps – but not for long!

    Thanks, Boadicea. I have discussed to situation with another solicitor and have found out that I am, legally, able to walk away from the second lease without having to pay any fees as it is invalid. That makes me feel better. The only problem is finding a place to stay!

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