Dear Miss Lonely Hearts

 Lonely Boy

1 Solitaire Avenue



13th August 2010


Dear Miss Lonely Hearts,
I had to write this letter. To tell you how I came to meet her. She was sweet but I dated her sister. That’s how I made my mistake and I can’t forget her. I felt depressed. Till a friend of mine suggested that I write to this address. So unless you can find a cure for my loneliness. It will persist, it will persist.

Yours faithfully,

Lonely Boy.

5 thoughts on “Dear Miss Lonely Hearts”

  1. Dear Lonely Boy,

    I’m pleased you felt able to share your problem but I am somewhat at a loss to suggest a solution.
    Do you feel able to explain why fat Betty is such a holy grail or why you are so convinced that she is the solution to all your problems?


    Auntie Ara.

  2. Auntie Ara,

    This is another failure on my part. When writing this letter I attempted to align my address on the right side to give this missive a formal and professional look. As ever my HTML codes let me down. Test blogs are testing, don’t you think?

    My cousin Brendano would have read between the lines and figured out what the words are about. I have plagiarised the street poetry of Philip Parris Lynott and stand guilty of the crime of pining for fat Betty.

    Yours sincerely,

    Lonely Boy.

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