12 thoughts on “O – pos”

  1. I’m reminded of my 1st law of Karaoke performing;-

    Never select a song by this guy (Impossible to imitate or even get close :))

  2. Not a favourite of mine, I’m afraid. Especially that Tulsa number. It’s another case of overtight keks.

  3. He warbles too much for my liking I’m afraid. Just like that Witney Houston woman, why can’t she just hit a note and stick with it?

  4. Good morning Mr Zen.
    First class performer, up there with many of the ‘one off’s’, superb singer, superb voice, and not only that, a thoroughly decent man. he was loved by all, respected by all, he was the perfect entertainer.

  5. Note to administrator – please set me up as an “author”
    I can’t do the author bit, but your comments are now all auto approved

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