In Sight After 15 Years…

…test match victory for Pakistan team against the cricketing giants Australia, that is. I wonder if Bearsy is around? Not that I wish to appear to be crowing, of course 🙂

8 thoughts on “In Sight After 15 Years…”

  1. Could be a week of upsets, India are really struggling in SriLanka. India 9 down only 71 ahead!

    Will Muralitharan get his 800th wicket or be stranded on 799?

    I wouldn’t count my chickens with Oz, they are great fighters and are more than capable of putting on 500 in their second innings, then of course there’s the weather 😦

  2. I was only repeating what the papers are saying this morning. Otherwise, I know the might of Australian cricket very well indeed. Sadly these days my cricket interest is severely limited and mostly relies on second-hand information.

    How some things change and one simply adapts!

  3. Soutie :

    Will Muralitharan get his 800th wicket or be stranded on 799?

    He’s just done it, his 800th test wicket in this his last test, what an achievement, remarkable!

  4. Shermeen, You may not be aware that Bearsy is in hospital in the UK and unable to respond, which he would love to do, I’m sure.

  5. Janus
    Thank you for that. I of course had no idea. I hope Bearsy is OK and Boadicea as well. I wish him speedy recovery.

  6. May I add my best wishes for a speedy recovery to Bearsy and my good wishes to Boa.
    Thanks for the heads up Janus.

  7. Good morning, Shermeen.

    What a pleasant surprise to see you here.

    I was not aware that Bearsy was actually in hospital, Janus. Perhaps I missed it. I know he is unwell and unable to travel back to home for some weeks.

  8. I’m sure Bearsy will have seen the picture of a despondent Ricki in the Telegraph this morning!

    I’m still running backwards and forwards between my mother and his father -lousy journey! I’m just leaving Hove and I expect a he will have something to say about the Ozzie team when I see him! Me? It amuses me no end – but I’m usually on the side of the underdogs 🙂

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