Rhino horn smuggler gets 10 years

Some of you may remember my post on the rhino shot by poachers at a local game park and the subsequent loss of the calf to predators. a bit of good news from our Times.

“A Vietnamese man has been sentenced to 10 years behind bars for trying to smuggle 16kg of rhino horn out of the country.

Zhong Whong, 29, a security guard in his home country, was found guilty in the Kempton Park Magistrate’s Court of fraud and breaking the  Biodiversity Act.

He was caught at Johannesburg’s OR Tambo International Airport with 16.1kg of rhino horn in his luggage. It would have been worth about R2.2 million in Vietnam, reports Beeld newspaper.

“Fines are clearly not a deterrent,” Magistrate Prince Manyathi was quoted as telling Whong on Wednesday.

“You came to South Africa knowing you were going to do something unlawful. The goal was self-enrichment, without any consideration for what the damage would be.”

He dismissed the fact that Whong was simply the “mule” ferrying the horn from South African to Vietnam as a mitigating factor in sentencing him.

According to testimony from Mario Scholtz, of SA National Parks, rhino horn hunting had cost South Africa R40.6 million this year alone, or 116 rhino.”

Personally, I’d rather they caught the poachers in the park and shot them, but 10 years won’t be fun.

7 thoughts on “Rhino horn smuggler gets 10 years”

  1. As long as deluded men with small sex drives and even smaller willies think that rhino horn will make them fine upstanding citizens, this evil trade will continue. Perhaps they should start giving Viagra away wherever this belief exsits

  2. Morning all

    I first heard this report on our Radio SAFM news yesterday lunchtime, I think what was newsworthy was the fact that 10 years is considered a lot, previous sentences have been shorter or merely fines! Good.

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