5 thoughts on “Whupped ’em agin”

  1. OZ, I don’t think England is playing tomorrow. It is Australia v Ireland. England was beaten by NZ Maoris 35-28 on the 23rd.

    Incidentally, why is it that the NZ Maoris are allowed to exist in this era of racial equality? That surely is as discriminatory as it gets. Would not be so bad if they were not being paid. But to select a professional based on race should be illegal.

  2. Sipu, I’m sure it is, In NZ as in UK, for example. Think it comes under the heading of ‘cultural tradition,’ or something. Mind, that’s a pretty flexible thing; it’s OK tokill as many whales as you like if you’re an Inuit, because its a cultural tradition. Doesn’t apply if you’re Japanes, though, wher it’s just as much a cultural tradition.

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